Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Salon Dot Com: [Why] I Left Facebook

Who'd like to join in this conversation on another tediously slow Emerald City news day?

Chewy Salon.com post for our WCF readers who've been recently mesmerized by Facebook and other online social networking media:
Sodden queries:
  • Have you ever considered deleting your Facebook account? Why did you stay?
  • Do you agree with this reader comment, " It's like the Hotel California: you can check in but you can't ever check out"?
  • Is there any truth in this compound query from "gentle" Salon.com reader VerbalRemedy, who starts off  his possibly overly-cranky comment thusly: Next up in HTT* Essays ? 
  • "I Don't Even OWN a Television"
  • "Why I Refuse To Get A Cell Phone"
  • "You'll Never Catch Me in a Horseless Carriage"
  • "These Kids Today and Their Rock-n-Roll Music"
  • "Flouridation Is Coming To Get You"
  • "If You Aren't A Fruitarian You're Part of The Problem"
  • *HTT=Holier Than Thou
So who amongst our Gentle Readers would like to join in this conversation on yet anotherwise tediously slow Emerald City news day?


Deirdre said...

Facebook is the most lame platform in the webosphere, Rudi!

Even Facebook rookies understand that Facebook sucks.

Deirdre said...

Facebook is the least viable option on the internet.  The raw links make my eyes bleed.

Tough Luck said...

Facebook is just another internet fad, which will fold in 2013, I'll predict.

Altercocker said...

 Facebook is like a tattoo. You can't get rid of it and will always regret it.
I give it next to no info and never post, only use it to find people.

Bob Becker said...

Facebook is like any other site/tool on the internet: if you find it useful, fun, interesting, then use it.  If you don't, don't. 

I find it useful to keep in touch with our children [spread half way across the continent just now] and other distant family members. The only "friends" I've accepted are family members.  And I've limited via the controls it provides most personal information from being passed on.  Only outsider I've "liked" is Neil DeGrasse Tyson, to read his frequent posts on matters regarding U.S. Space policy. That's it.

As long as Facebook continues to be an easy and convenient way to stay in touch with family, some of whom I haven't seen in decades, and with our children, I'll keep using it, check it maybe twice a day to see if the kids or other kin have posted anything interesting. It ceases to be useful that way, I'm gone.   Not really worth all this heartburning on the web. Don't like it, don't use it.  Seems pretty simple to me. 

BikerBabe said...

Someone's got their panties in a bunch over FaceBook.  News must be reeeeaaallly S-L-O-W

Hey, I got coupons for FatCats, iFly, Costa Vida, et al in my Ogden City Water Bill this month.  Lady at the Water Utility Office says Ogden City owns the Swallowthem Center, but does the City own those businesses?

Did our rates not go up enough they need paid advertising too?



rudizink said...

I think you're using FB for what it was originally intended for Bob, i.e. discretely (and privately) communicating with close family and maybe a few friends.

Now that Facebook's gone public however, its limitations become all too obvious to those who've tried to use (or exploit it) for other purposes.which weren't part of "the original plan."

Bob Becker said...

I presume those are paid inserts.

BikerBabe said...

I think I said that ...


Dan S. said...

Careful, Bob--you're on the slippery slope!

Dan S. said...

My best guess is that the businesses paid the cost of printing the inserts and inserting them into the envelopes, but that no further money changed hands. I'd be very surprised if the city actually received any revenue in exchange for including the inserts with the bills. In any case, I'd encourage BB to ask about this.

Bob Becker said...

Not a chance. I'd explain why but I'm on page 3 of a fascinating account of what I had for lunchthat I want to post ASAP.

Stephen M. Cook said...

Ask anyone under 30:  facebook is lame.

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