Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Latest News in the Huntsville 7/4/12 Parade Story

Insiders' view of the Huntsville 7/4/12 Parade story... the plot thickens

At risk of seeming to be overly fixated on the Huntsville July 4th Parade topic, we'll again post the latest from the Standard-Examiner in what seems to be a never-ending maelstrom of discontent. Here, Ogden Valley resident Bruce Ahlstrom puts together a fairly good rant:
Just so's you can keep up on the even more recent developments in this story, we'll simply send you to the Experts in Ogden Valley politics, Ogden Valley Forum, of course.

Be sure to check out the "chain of consciousness-style" Greg Anderson video which is helpfully lodged on OVF:
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Marco said...

Although I could be wrong, I do believe the Standard has already  issued the only apology that the people of Huntsville Town will ever get from the Standard-Exaggerator:

Sometimes knowing when a story is ready to publish is a hard decision

It says, "I sympathize with their feelings and am sorry the witness got the sign wrong. (In an online posting, she says she hasn’t changed her opinion.) However, I think this overall story was going viral regardless as it dealt with reaction to reaction during a politically charged election year."

That's all you're going to get from the Standard, people.

Mark my words.

Bob Becker said...

The SE should apologize for going prematurely with the wrong content of the sign. But that's all it should apologize for .  The writer of the op ed piece Rudi links to here has made the oh-so-common mistake of attributing to the paper what people it is reporting on say.

The SE did not attack Huntsville or its people.  Fact: some people at the parade were offended by the satirical political float and performance and complained to the paper. The paper reported their unhappiness with the float and performance, and reported the statements of the town's officials, and others who saw nothing wrong in the float and performance.  The op ed writer apparently wants the SE not to report complaints about the parade, and he seems to assume that when the paper quotes people who were there and critical of it, those quotes represent the views of the Standard Examiner.

For getting the sign wrong, the SE should apologize.  But for nothing else in its story.  The op ed writer found nothing objectionable in the parade.  Others did.  No reason the SE should favor his particular opinion about it all over others, and refuse to report that others were offended and even outraged.  That's the paper's job. 

John Lambert said...

Amazed by the lack of comments when the true story comes out. Maybe because the true story is no story at all. The embellished story that went viral implied threats against the president, racism and scantily clad women. All lies.

Where are the wackos when the truth comes out?

Outdoor girl?

Not surprised by your absence.

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