Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wharton: Why is There a Hill Air Force Base?

HAFB: 24,621 jobs keeping Utah citizens off the federal welfare rolls

Blowing Up the Utah Desert
Informative "hot off the press story" of local interest this morning via the Salt Lake Tribune, asking and then answering the question, "Why is there a Hill Air Force Base?"  One helpful Trib reader volunteers an answer too, "Why? Because it turns out-Utah is a Pretty Great State -to bomb. They can practice bombing by blowing up sections of Utah."  The fact that HAFB is a short flight from the desert Utah Test and Training Range west of the Great Salt Lake, is part of the answer of course; but check out Trib reporter Tom Wharton's morning writeup for the full skinny:
Mr. Wharton reports that "[t]he fact that the Great Depression left 20 percent of Utah’s population receiving federal relief showed a need for a project to put people to work;" and that the project had the support of the "Ogden Chamber of Commerce, which even acquired 3,000 acres for the possible base...".

Bet'cha you didn't know that.


Bob Becker said...

The story is ridiculous.  It claims HAFB created something north of 25K jobs right here in Utah, when Cong. Rob Bishop has explained to us over and over again that government spending does not create jobs?  Who ya gonna believe?  Rob Bishop or your lyin' eyes?

BikerBabe said...

 Ofercryinoutloud Bob, close down Hill and tell 24K+ unemployed Utah Residents how ridiculous it is.


good_reader1 said...

They are mostly contract jobs now, secure civil servants jobs are going away to the highest contract bidder. There is a big difference between civil service and contractors that take most of the money out of state. Of course some contractors are retired civil servants, and some had the job before they retired.
Some even traded their federal information directly to the contractors.
So all numbers should be Civil Servants, Military and then contractors to get a real feel for the employee stats.

good_reader1 said...

Need to add as of last Dec 2011 were 28,977 Federal Employees in the state of Utah, including IRS, National Guard, Forest Service and all agencies.

Dan S. said...

According to the latest government data (from December 2011), there are about 13,000 civilian federal employees working in Davis County. The number decreased rather dramatically, from 15,000 down to a little over 8,000, from 1990 to 1996. It's been increasing pretty steadily since then.

Bob Becker said...

But ... but... but.....surely you're not suggesting the Hon. (?) Rep. Bishop told a fib, are you? He wouldn't lie, would he? I mean he's got family values. He tells us that all the time.

OneWhoVotes said...

And there is a great woman graduate of West Point, runner of businesses and turner around to functional community health organization, running against him by the name of DonnaMcAleer.  I'm sure she has family values to go along with all the rest she has to offer.

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