Monday, July 16, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Garden Inn (Hot Tub Hotel) Opens "Quietly"in Downtown Ogden

Good news for hot-tubbers in Ogden

For those who may have missed it in this morning's Standard-Examiner, regarding the so-called Hilton Garden Inn, better known to WCF readers as Kevin Garn's Hot Tub Hotel, ex-Utah state legislator Garn's Godfreyite vision is now open for business in downtown Ogden:
We do believe that former/resigned/disgraced State Senator Garn deserves a further round of applause beyond the last, for managing to ram this project down the Ogden City taxpayer's throats, with a truckload of Ogden taxpayer subsidy cash, courtesy of crazed former Mayor Boss Godfrey.


Smaatguy said...

That beautiful parking structure right in the middle of the junction is a nice aesthetic touch....

blackrulon said...

The S-E did not have time to report  a story on the new Hilton. They were using all of their reporters and resources on rehashing the story about the Huntsville parade.

Danny said...

In addition to Curm coining the phrase "hot tub hotel" in memory of hotel magnate and pillar of the community Kevin Garn frolicking in his hot tub, alone, repeatedly, with an underage girl who he then paid hush money, there was this phrase, also posted here, describing the hotel's decor:

A cross between a Taco Bell and The Alamo.

Yes, this, the WCF, is where the truth is. 

As far as the hotel, what do you expect from a taxpayer subsidized enterprise, but this kind of sleaze, and this kind of chintzy decor? 

Bob Becker said...

I think Hot Tub Hotel was Rudi's term.

What surprises me is that the SE did not report the grand opening event last Thursday. SE usually reports new business openings at the Junction...and this one was a long time aborning and somewhat controversial. Four days later, the grand opening event gets a brief sqib in the back pages? What was that decision all about I wonder?

Dan S. said...

Thought I saw something about it in the S-E on Friday, the day after the grand opening.

OneWhoKnows2 said...

 Now Mo-Bro Kevie Garn made his mistake with only one girl that happened to be underage and also knew his family.  Never pay hush money and expect to later run for office.

Three existing empty hotels in Ogden plus one more makes four.  Sounds like Godfrey economics.

This is the proper way to throw a hot tub party for all:

BikerBabe said...

 And I rode the bus with some of the World Cup Archery visitors who had to stay in the Motel 6 because this new hotel wasn't open in time ... that make the paper?


christine said...

Hotels with hot tubs are fun. They could let you enjoy and relax at the same time.

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