Tuesday, July 10, 2012

They're back: The Utah League of Women Voters Is Asking Tough Questions

 This time, the gloves are off

Good news for Weber County Forum political wonks this morning from the Salt Lake Tribune's Peg McEntee, who announces this morning that the Utah League of Women Voters, recently missing from Utah General Election scene, are gearing up this year to re-enter the 2012 political discussion with new resolve.  Here's the lede:
They're Back...
A note to candidates for state and federal offices in November: The Utah League of Women Voters is asking tough questions and it wants answers now.

After a hiatus of a few years, the nonpartisan league is resurrecting its voter’s guide, which should be available at its online site on Sept. 1. It had discontinued it because so many candidates just wouldn’t answer the questions.

This time, the gloves are off. If the candidate doesn’t respond, the league will make a point by noting it in the guide.

"A nonanswer is an answer," says Jenn Gonnelly, a co-legislative director who worked on the questions.
Check out the full story, folks:
The League's 2012 voter guide goes online on September 1, and with great delight, we've already reserved space in our right sidebar for this eagerly anticipated pre-election resource, of course.

Go, good ladies of Utah, go!


Deirdre said...

I'll  definitely be keeping my fingers crossed, in the hope that the Utah League of Women won't be "Utah polite" and that they'll thoroughly lambaste any Utah GOP candidates (or others)  who try to dodge their hard questions.

Honesty Is The Best Policy said...

"Refused to answer question" would be a good notation on the ULWV questionaire, I think.

Better still, "GOP asshole refused to answer question"  would be even better, I believe.

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