Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Every Cowboy You Ever Knew

Classic Video: Say "Howdy" to some of those Cowboy Movie Heroes from your youth

Submitted by: OneWhoKnows2

If you grew up watching westerns like I did as a kid, this will bring back some memorable names and faces, especially at the end where they show the 'bit' players.

The faces are familiar, but some of their names were never big. Great piece.

One look at this film clip and you'll be young and old all over again. It is "brand new" even listing 2011.

BUT WAIT -- THERE'S MORE!!!! Ever wonder just who all those minor characters were who populated western after western with a few lines and a familiar face?

Well, the clip has pictures and names -- so after 50 or so years -- say "Howdy" to some of those general store, saloon keeper, blacksmith mini-heroes from your youth.

Just click on the "Those Old Westerns" image and enjoy...

Click to play this amazing video


Lonesome Cowboy Bob said...

Glad to see my childhood hero Chuck Connors (The Rifleman) got an honorable mention. Good as he was with a Winchester, of course, he was never a match for my all-time hero, John Wayne, aka Roster Cogburn.

ROFLMAO said...

 Friggin' hilarous!

Rifleman Mashup

Thanks for the link, Bob.


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