Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2012 GOP National Convention: Basic Convention Watchers' Nuts-and-Bolts - Updated

Be sure to check back here frequently for the latest in news worthy developments, folks

Update: Romney Nominatated

For those gung-ho WCF readers who are champing at the bit to follow the 2012 GOP National Convention, which will finally kick into action this afternoon (for real) at 2:00 p.m. Eastern (if all goes well), we'll helpfully post a few links containing the basic convention watchers' nuts-and-bolts:
Over the course of the day and evening we'll be obsessively hovering over this story, of course, adding online news and op-ed commentary tidbits which we stumble upon whilst Googling.  So be sure to check back here frequently for the latest in news worthy developments, folks.

Pull up your Barcloungers and make sure you've got plenty of  Orville Reddenbachers on the ready, O Gentle Ones. Perhaps its just us, but we believe this week's convention will be one helluva lotta fun.

And one more thing... Don't let the cat get your tongues.

Updates 8/28/12 - A few timely and topical items to whet our WCF readers'  political discussion appetites:
    Update 8/28/12 3:42 p.m.: It's all over but the shouting, AFAWC. The State of New Jersey just surpassed the 1144 votes needed for Romney's nomination. Romney is now officially nominated to face Obama in November.


      rudizink said...

      What a travesty.  GOP NEOCON slut (GOP Riles Chairman) John Sununu proposes last minute changes to the convention rules, to cut out libertarian delegates for Ron Paul.

      Calling for a voice vote, and ignoring equal noise on both sides of the issue, he nevethelss announces, "The ayes have it."

      This GOP convention is a friggin' joke.

      khanmjahan said...

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      googlegilrl said...

       Chris Christie accepts the nomination a bit early

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