Friday, August 10, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune: Ogden Considers Profanity Ban to Restore Sportsmanship

The proposed language could hardly be any more vague and ambiguous in our never-humble view
We want people to come to our sports events and feel safe and comfortable and to not have to listen to a bunch of idiots who can’t control their anger
Ogden Public Services Director Jay Lowder
Ogden considers profanity ban to restore sportsmanship
August 9, 2012
I don’t think its right for us to come up with something that is ambiguous and difficult to enforce. It doesn’t seem like good legislation to me.
City Councilwoman Amy Wicks
Ogden considers profanity ban to restore sportsmanship
August 9, 2012
Clearly unconstitutional.
Civil Rights Attorney Brian Barnard
Ogden considers profanity ban to restore sportsmanship
August 9, 2012

The Salt Lake Tribune is all over yesterday's anti-profanity ordinance story too, with a typically  craftsman-like Cathy McKitrick write-up, demonstrating the hard work of a top Utah journalist, and incorporating a few "pithy" and informative quotes:
Looks like at least one Ogden City Council member has her head on straight (as usual).

Here's Mr. Lowder's proposed ordinance text, which we've grabbed from the SL-Trib article left sidebar:
Pursuant to Utah Code Annotated section 10-8-50…no person shall engage in disorderly conduct…or disturb the peace by using obscene or profane language, in any park, playground or recreational facility owned or used by the City, or at any recreational event that is organized, operated, managed or sponsored by the city.
As we said before, we wish Mr. Lowder the best of luck. This language could hardly be any more vague and ambiguous, in our never-humble view.


OneWhoKnows2 said...

Just another decoy ploy showing the citizens that their leaders are addressing and solving the important issues of the day.  Please!  I recall "The Weed Ordinance", "The Sniff Patrol" and now "The No Cussing Zones".  All failures.  Why I remember when colorful language came from my mouth, my Mother washed it out with soap.  I've grown to like the taste of Ivory soap because there are still times, a bad word or two can be used to effectiveness through chosen adjectives.  Shouldn't manners be taught at home, rather than through government intervention?  Use your heads.  Amy has it right, listen to her.

Ogden Native said...

Last time I checked, "idiots,"  was still in the not  PC dictionary.          

blackrulon said...

I thought that Utah was against Government reaching into every aspect of our lives. Apparently there seem to be some who still believe in nanny state government.

Smaatguy said...

Such a pressing issue I am sure....glad we're being so looked after.....

Bernie Lomax said...

Does "parks" encompass the golf course? Because if it does, I'm going to jail.

Ogden Lover said...

The "language" ordinance is based on one from West Valley City.  We all know that WVC is the heart of crime-free Utah, so it's obviously done a lot of good.

Danny said...

I agree with the ordnance.

Not using abusive language is enforced in the workplace and a variety of ordinances around the country.

If you want to say that it's trivial, then let it pass if it's trivial.

The  idea that it's unconstitutional is absurd.  Most federal laws are unconstitutional.  And the constitution does not bear on local law at all, or at least it was not intended to.  Most people are clueless, have never read the constitution, or don't understand it at all.  These civil rights lawyers (Brian Barnard) are hacks.

Danny said...

Also, it says  Brian Barnard had "two words", when this airhead obviously had a lot more than that.

John Gullo hit the jackpot with a couple of Burger Kings, and is almost always wrong on every issue.  He is proof that talent and wealth are not necessarily correlated.

Spurious said...

What a waste of time. This society is so puerile and vulgar, enforcement would be a joke. The only option would be to beat senseless the foul mouthed scum who treat open spaces like a verbal toilet.
No more unenforceable laws, even ones that would serve the public good, as this one would.

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