Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why Congress Cannot Pass a Balanced Budget

Not so complicated when it's laid out in simple math

By: OneWhoKnows2

This fellow lays things out pretty well. It’s understandable, but nerve wracking. The video is only 5 minutes, but quite illuminating.

Here's the eye-opening video:

Not so complicated when it's laid out in simple math. The pain that he's talking about? Remember, government’s biggest source of income - people like You & Me. Start getting ready for it as best you can.

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PR said...

The democratic Senate has not even put a budget up for consideration for almost four years. The game is this, if Harry Reid prevents a vote from coming to the floor in the Senate, it insulates Obama from using his veto. Obama and Reid know that the Senate has enough democratic votes to pass a budget, but they also know that enough democrats would vote for the republican house version that it would be an embarrassment for the President and he would have to use his veto, thus no vote. 

Bob Becker said...

The solution to the deficit problem is pretty clear to most people, I think:  when you get yourself in a bind like this, family or government, you do two things:  (a) you significantly cut spending and (b) you increase income if yu can--- wage earners get a second job, governments increase tax revenues.

This was the unhappy truth embraced by the Simpson commission that took on coming up with a plan after the House and Senate [both] punted building in the automatic huge spending cuts, including defense, as a way to force themselves to reach an acceptable compromise. The Simpson commission, surprise surprise, recommended (a) significant budget cuts that displeased many Democrats and (b) recommended significant tax increases not quite akin to eliminating the ill advised Bush tax cuts we couldn't afford at the time and can't afford now.  The commission's results were rejected by the GOP who insisted on no tax increases, no, not a single penny, and by Democrats who insisted the deep cuts to domestic spending were unacceptable. And so nothing was done.

As a final reminder that intransigence is not  one way street on this as PR implies, let us recall the question put to the then full panel of GOP candidates for the presidential nomination in one of the debates:  if the Democrats offered to cut $10 in federal spending for every $1 dollar in tax increases, would you accept that deal as a basis for a budget bill?  To a man [and woman] every Republican candidate, Romney included, said "no."  

PR said...

Bob, the Senate should function to pass a budget. It is in the law, the congress should reach an agreement but they cannot even work out the differences unless the bills come up for a vote. This is gamesmanship at the highest level by Obama and Harry Reid and not in the best interest of the country. The president is playing winner take all instead of compromise. If he were forced to use his veto, he does not have the guts to use it so he uses the Senate as a surrogate to save face. 

CommonSense said...

Article I, Section 7 of the constitution states that all revenue bills shall originate in the House of Representatives.  However, the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on any other bills.  The Senate can not pass a budget on its own.  The House and Senate have to agree in conference committee with a final bill to pass.  With such divided philosophies, and partisan politics, there are no politicians willing to stick their necks out to make the right choice.  I believe the last time that occurred was when G.H.W. Bush realized taxes needed to be increased.  He lost his next election, but he did right by the American People and the economy got better.

BikerBabe said...

And don't forget the filibustering!



Smaatguy said...

I have not watched the video, but to me the reason is they unwilling to do it...all politics...too busy worry about gay marriage and illegal drugs....more like they are using those as a distraction to the bigger issues this country faces to the public….I have an article I will post later about this….

Helen Freeman said...

Clearly the Fair Tax Code would help. Corporations and wealthy individuals need to step up to the plate.

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