Thursday, August 30, 2012

2012 GOP National Convention - Day III

Romney is scheduled to take the podium sometime after 10:00 p.m.;  so don't forget to "pop" your No-Doz

In our frenzied interest in covering the 2012 Utah GOP Convention from start to finish, we'll once again post our trusty C-SPAN streaming video link, for the convenience of our GOP friends who might no get C-SPAN on their own TEEVEEs:
It's Mitt Romney's BIG NIGHT; and for those folks sitting on the edges of their seats awaiting Romney's nomination acceptance and campaign kick-off speech, the most recently revised schedule which we've been able to find indicates he'll take the podium sometime after 10:00 p.m.  So don't forget to "pop" a few No-Doz, folks; you MAY well need it.  According to the GOP's disclosure, "This schedule [is] subject to change at any time," of course.

Although we have a back-breaker of a personal schedule this afternoon, we'll make every effort to find the time to paste in a few new Pre-Day III online stories prior the convention's 7:30 p.m. call to order, in the hope of dredging up a little extra WCF reader discussion.

The Speech

Followup and Blowback


          rudizink said...

          OK folks!  Mitt Romney's now on...35 minutes late.  Listen up!

          BikerBabe said...

           ZZZZZZZ ....


          Mitch S. said...

          "It wasn't the Democratic Party that won in 2008, it was Obama. The
          personal brand was more potent than the party's. Now we face the
          reverse. In 2012, the Republicans lack a commanding personal brand at
          the top of the ticket, and it remains to be seen if their political
          brand is strong enough to overcome that absence. There's nothing I've
          seen, from the brand theater of Tampa -- including an inability to cut
          to anything but older white faces in the crowd -- that looks all that

          Why GOP branding isn't working

          rudizink said...

           Didn't I warn you to pop some No-Doz, heheheh?

          blackrulon said...

          Of track but still revelant. There is a story in todays Deseret News(August 31, 2012) by Lee Benson(brother of federal judge Dee Benson about former mayor  Matthew Godfrey. It repeats Godfreys claims about all of the wonderful things he did for or to Ogden without touching on the reality of his time in the mayors office.

          Reeeaaallly said...

          The Republican Brand has made it clear to me that my zits, wrinkles, bad hair and overweight are all caused by Obama. They are Obama's fault.  They are Obama's responsibility and will remain and get much worse should Obama remain anywhere in sight and Romney is not in office for the protection of our very salvation.  So out of great fear and trepidation, we must all be sure to run out and vote the R's for the preservation of the very country itself,. 

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