Wednesday, August 15, 2012

KSL News: Extremely Dumb Man Accidentally Shoots Self in Nevada Theater

Rule #1: Smart folk don't pack heat with a "live" round chambered

By: Ozboy

To my gun luvin buddies, and those who laugh at them:

Check this out!
Too stupid; and too bad this wanna be hero wasn't there in the Denver theater packing heat for self protection. Maybe he woulda shot himself in the ass before the real killer got up and did his mass murder trick, thus alerting the police before the real mayhem commenced and as a consequence saving all those lives! He coulda been and woulda been a genuine hero!!!

Yep, proof positive that the real answer to this horrid and evil gun violence plaguing our country is more guns in the hands of incompetent wanna be Rambos!

Editor's addendum:  Amazing how often stories like this pop up. Didn't they teach this moron in his Concealed Weapon Training Course that nobody in their right mind "carries" any firearm "about his person" with a "live" round already chambered? What exactly DO they teach these people in these Concealed Weapons qualification courses?

Comments, anyone?


AWM said...

"more guns in the hands of incompetent wanna be Rambos!" Pretty harsh there. Not sure where you gleened the RAMBO part of that out of the article. Man drops gun.  Gun goes off.  Incompetent maybe, unsafe for sure, but carrying a gun doesn't automatically qualify you to be called a Rambo Wannabe no more than getting in a car accident makes you a "Mario Andretti wannabe.  

Blackrulon said...

What are they teaching Nevada residents in their concealed weapons class? Nevada declines to honor Utah CWP because Utah training does not require permit holders to shoot the gun to get a permit.

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