Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Duelling Editorials: GOP Insiders Waffle on Romney's GOP VP Choice - Updated

In the Ogden City red meat political news front, we're flummoxed.  Suffice it to say the "red meat" news is S-L-O-O-O-W today. In that connection however, here's something political in the national news from the Standard-Examiner: Gird up your loins, Utah people, and take heed, folks, as there's a new line of political discussion on Weber County Forum, involving the 2012 U.S. Presidential race:
Classic quote from my good friend, Weber County GOP Chair, Matt Bell:
It’s awesome, a winning ticket.
Some other politically-seasoned Republicans are not so cock-sure about the wisdom of the Paul Ryan selection, however:
So what about it, WCF readers?  Was the selection of  Paul Ryan as Romney's Vice Presidential candidate a boon to the GOP party? Or will Ryan's weird anti-feminist, anti-medicare and pro-war positions not only remove Romney's presidential aspirations to the dustbin of U.S. presidential election history, (just as John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign did) but also take down the current  GOP's House majority?

The floor's open for discussion, people.

Don't let the cat get your tongues.

Update 8/17/12 10:45 a.m.:  The Standard "accepts" our invitation to weigh in on this topic (in a roundabout way,) and offers its own strong editorial opinion regarding the "wisdom" of Mitt Romney's V.P candidate pick:
Ya gotta admit that it's always a "crack-up," every time some uber-conservative refers to the Standard as a member of the "liberal" media, no?


RebelWithACause2 said...

 This is a terrific combination! Paul Ryan adds the vigor and positive
affirmation to Mitt Romney's wise and knowledgeable plans to restore
America's greatness by allowing us to be energy independent with our
vast supply of oil, natural gas, and coal, added to what we could
develop in the future in the way of atomic energy, solar, wind ,etc.
resolve to refrain from raising taxes on anyone at this time when the
economy is flat, will help small business owners plan ahead more easily,
giving the economy a much needed boost.

Repealing Obama Care,
replacing it with a better plan, and saving Medicare which will be
bankrupt in 12 years if nothing is done ,
are ideas that put the
people more in control, instead of the government  and seem like an
excellent plan to me, especially since they would not be changing
anything about the present plan for anyone who is 55 years of age or
older. Persons under 55 would have the opportunity to choose either the
traditional Medicare or their own personal savings account which they
would receive funding for. 

There are other benefits we will
receive if this intelligent, likable pair are elected For instance, we
wont have to wonder whether or not there is a deliberate attempt going
on to destroy our country,  or if it is just occurring by accident?

Ogden Lover said...

 Did you really write this yourself or is it just lifted mindlessly from a RR website? 

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