Thursday, August 02, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune: Push for Ethics Initiative Will Continue, Backers Say - Updated

Fascinating political sideshow developing in relation to this matter, too, as sharp-eyed  UEG officials catch a bogus 2010 electronic signature originating from Utah House of Representatives computer

Encouraging news for supporters of the UEG Ethics Reform Initiative who were disheartened by last week's Utah Supreme Court ruling, which "snuffed out" any hope that this landmark measure would be placed before Utah lumpencitizens on the 2012 General Election ballot, as the Salt Lake Tribune reports this morning that the fight to put the Utah legislature's ethical feet to the fire ain't over yet:
Yesiree, the dedicated and stalwart folks of the UEG plan to pick up the pieces and start all over again, with a goal of qualifying this measure for the 2014 ballot. And why not, we ask, inasmuch as the UEG probably has pretty much of its 2010 petition-gathering apparatus still  in place?  "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again," according to the old folk ax, right? Hopefully this planned second effort will finally get it right.

Fascinating political sideshow developing in relation to this matter, too, as it seems that the folks of the UEG caught "somebody" red-handed, filing a bogus signature on a UEG 2010 electronic petition via a Utah House of Representatives computer, of all places.  House Speaker Becky Lockhart, R-Provo of course knows "nuttin' from nuttin'" about this criminal act, which is pretty much par for the course with our corrupt Utah legislature, don'tcha think?

It gets interesting and interestinger, dunnit?

So who wants to throw in their own 2¢, O Gentle Readers?

Update 8/2/12 12:45 a.m.: Considering the circumstancesUEG has a relatively upbeat post-mortem on their website; and it comes as no surprise that they're already looking for volunteers:
Your blogmeister has already notified UEG officials that he's "ready to roll" as a petition gatherer this next go-round. Howbout vous?

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blackrulon said...

Since Utah Government has declined to honor my e-signature as valid I have decided to stop using any form of electronic device to pay miney to Utah Government. No paying taxes, no renewing vehicle registration, no buying hunting or fishing licences. My signature isn't valid on a electronic petition. My money will not longer be sent using electronic methods. Lets slow down the business of government collecting my money and instead force a actual person to accept my money.

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