Monday, August 20, 2012

What's Up with the Standard-Examiner, People?

Dan wonders why the drones in the Standard-Examiner wiped out the link to his original online document

"Whoa." Looks like Dan Schreoder's kickass recently published online SE letter, an abbreviated version of the blockbuster essay that Dan posted on WCF just few day ago, has finally found it's way to be posted (in "shortened and edited" form) on the S-E website:
Referring to the S-E comments section, Dan wonders why the drones in the Standard-Examiner wiped out the link to his original extended comment:
To clarify, the headline should really say that there's no evidence of *net* job growth.

(I tried to leave a longer comment a little while ago, with links to both S-E articles and to the full report on Weber County Forum, but my comment has now vanished.)
What's up with the Standard-Examiner, people? Are the Standard and Weber County Forum in an adversarial position again?


OneWhoKnows2 said...

There are no Glasmans nor Hatches, therefore the Standard has become nothing more than a poor Weekly Reader at best!

Blackrulon said...

Lets review all of the advertisers the S-E has lost in the last few years. Mervyn's, Fred Meyer, Auto Zone, Oreillys, Pep Boys,KMart(Ogden)Macys(Ogden). No wonder Doug Gibson(Editorial Page Editor) is nowthe boxing & MMA  beat writer.

Smaatguy said...

Sounds like Joseph Goebbles is apparently alive and well

Crjennings said...

Oneehoknows, the Weekly Reader was a very credible source of information for elementary school readers. As such, it shouldn't be disparaged.

Dan S. said...

Whoa. I sure didn't mean to inspire any conspiracy theories about the disappearance of my initial comment. Chances are it was deleted by an automated anti-spam system that didn't like the fact that it contained three hyperlinks. No biggie in any case.

OneWhoKnows2 said...

"Elementary" is the key word here.

rudizink said...

 I dunno, Dan.  If the Disqus system had identified your "vanished" comment as spam, due to the multiple links, the system never would have posted your comment in the first place.  Moreover, I could provide hundreds of examples on the SE site where multiple links appear in single comments, sometimes by the half-dozens.

Dgibson said...

I don't think the SE in many years has had a reporter assigned to cover boxing or MMA. I volunteered to do it because I enjoy it.

Argosy said...

A spat between the two would line rudi's pockets.
nothing more to see here.

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