Wednesday, September 05, 2012

2012 Democratic National Convention - Day II

Rumor has it that we'll be hearing from one of "America's" most popular Democrats tonight

In our ever-incessant effort to keep on top of all important political developments in and around Utah, and across our great nation, we've hereby put up a page focusing on Day Two of the 2012 Democratic National convention.  At peril of risking redandency, here are the key links, once again, for those political wonks who'd like to watch tonight's convention online:
Rumor has it, by the way, that we'll be hearing from one of America's most popular Democrats tonight, namely Bill Clinton, strangely enough the only American president in recent memory to actually balance the American government budget, despite all the Republican rhetoric! Imagine that.

And if you don't believe that the once-disgraced Clinton has gained a massive resurgence in American popularity over the fading years, be sure to read this Assocated Press story from the Standard-Examiner, a great American newspaper which NEVER lies:
And just a reminder.  We have a a fine comment section linked below.  It'd be nice to see our normally rabid WCF readers use it once in a while, if you take our meaning.

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