Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor Day Facts - The Answer Sheet

The federal holiday about which kids — and plenty of adults — know the least

A few factoid tidbits from WaPo columnist Valerie Strauss, for those readers who may not have the slightest clue about why Americans have celebrated Labor Day for over a century:
Nope. It ain't simply about taking the day off and "throwing steak and onions on the barby, mates".

Here's the money quote:
Too many don’t know that it was labor activists who forced employers to stop sending kids into mines, textiles, glass factories, canneries and other places to work back-breaking jobs day and night. Because of the labor movement, child labor ended, and adult workers won better conditions, including the eight-hour work day.
Nevertheless, there are some in "modern" American politics who'd like nothing more than to turn back the clock:
Have a safe and sane Labor Day Holiday, O Gentle Ones... while there's still something remaining to celebrate:

Comments... anyone?

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Ogden Lover said...

Workers are already being forced to take part-time, no-benefit jobs.

Workers already are working harder to keep the jobs they have.

Workers often forego their earned vacations because they dread what they will return to: work piled up in their absence, others gunning for their jobs.

Workers already are at their job's beck and call 24/7 via cellphones and computers.

We need to strengthen worker protections, not weaken them.

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