Tuesday, September 04, 2012

2012 Democratic National Convention: Basic Convention Watchers' Nuts-and-Bolts - Updated

The National Democratic Party enjoys its own week in the sun

As a counterpoint and followup to last week's Weber County Forum coverage of the 2012 GOP National  Convention, we're delighted over the next four days to put a similar focus on this week's 2012 Democratic National Convention, which convenes this afternoon in Charlotte, North Carolina at 3:00 p.m. (Eastern).  In that connection we're once again posting a few links, this time containing the basic Democratic convention watchers' nuts-and-bolts:
Suffice it to say that the "schedule" is just a mite "loose." The Democratic National Committee wants to keep us all in suspense, we guess.

And for those die-hard Demos who'd like to follow the convention online via other means, check out this most excellent AARP article, which enumerates "five easy, informative ways to not only immerse yourself in the event, but also to climb to the virtual podium and share your views with millions of others — all without leaving your living room":
Once again we'll be adding links to online news and op-ed commentary tidbits as the convention progresses. So be sure to check back here frequently for the latest in news-worthy developments, WCF political wonks, as the National Democratic Party enjoys its own week in the sun.

Added bonus: A few selected pre-convention stories, just to get your political discussion juices flowing:
        The floor's open for discussion, O Gentle Ones.

        Update 9/5/12 8:00 a.m.: Selected Convention Day One  news tidbits:

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          Mitt said...

          Fantastic "Daily Show" link. Rudy.  Funny as hell; and it includes a seriously great Tom Brokaw interview.

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