Friday, September 07, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune: Envision Ogden Open Records Fight Stalls in Court

Needless to say, a less dedicated plaintiff than Dan Schroeder would have likely fallen by the wayside long ago

The Salt Lake Tribune reports the latest development in the still-festering Envision Ogden scandal, with a Cimaron Neugebauer story providing details concerning yesterday's 3rd District Court hearing, wherein Ogden community activist Dan Schroeder doggedly continued his noble quest, seeking key "smoking gun" documents pursuant to his still-pending GRAMA document production request.  Here's the lede:
More than a year has passed since Ogden activist Dan Schroeder filed a Government Records Access and Management Act request with the Utah Attorney General’s Office seeking documents connected to an alleged campaign finance scandal involving former Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey.

Schroeder hoped that a 3rd District Court judge on Thursday would order the A.G.’s Office to release investigative files related to Godfrey’s now defunct Envision Ogden organization, which came under fire in 2009 when allegations of money laundering and fraud involving the group surfaced. But Schroeder’s crusade to learn more about the inner workings of Envision Ogden stalled, when Judge Keith Kelly ruled he didn’t have enough information to decide whether files previously withheld from Schroeder should now be made public.
 Read the full story here:
Notably folks, it's been a ridiculously long frustrating haul. Even Judge Kelly agrees, saying "It shouldn’t take this long to decide an appeal from a GRAMA decision." 

Encouragingly however, Judge Kelly has set this matter for a further evidentiary hearing on Oct. 19.

We've marked our calender folks, and eagerly await to report the final results of what we hope will be a dispository follow-up hearing.

Needless to say, a less dedicated plaintiff other than Dan Schroeder would have likely fallen by the wayside long ago.


Ogden Res said...

This is very interesting.  One wonders what the AG is hiding.  They seem very intent on not releasing this information.  Thanks for your work, Dan.

Onewhovotes said...

Dan S.  is an asset to the community of Ogden who is more than deserving of our communal support.  How many people can we get together to pack that courtroom on Oct. 19 with Dan S. and  GRAMMA transparency supporters, (including those of us who support upholding the basic law for all of us equally.)  We might even chip in a $ or two, if he is being charged for what should be public.   What time is the hearing: I'll be there.  

Dan S. said...

Thanks for your support. While anyone is welcome to attend the hearing, I'm certainly not asking anyone to do so, especially since it's in Salt Lake. The time is 2:00 pm. I do, of course, very much appreciate the coverage from the press. You might want to go over to the Trib web site and leave a comment there to show your support. Thanks again.

blackrulon said...

I wonder if there is a hidden reason why the AG is fighting the release of the records. In the notes, emails and other information about Envision Ogden being kept secret. Could there be references to other secret deals ad taxpayer schemes that would be embarrasing and possibily illegal that could result in fines, penalties and perhaps civil and criminal actions be sought?

Dan S. said...

Let's not speculate too wildly here. From the record descriptions that the AG provided during the administrative appeal process last year, we know quite a bit about what's being withheld. It's mostly Envision Ogden's bank records and a summary of those records.

OneWhoKnows2 said...

Wouldn't it be nice to finally have the truth out there ?

Ogdenvoter said...

What is the address for the hearing on Oct. 19,  at 2:00pm? 

Danny said...

The court building is 450 South State Street.

You have to go through a metal detector.

Then, look for a directory.  Go to Judge Keith Kelly's courtroom.

You can park anywhere, for $1 an hour or something like that. 

Ogdenvoter said...

Thanks!  It would be nice to make a numbers showing  and a statement as to where the people they are supposed to be working for stand.  Hope some people can make it. 

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