Friday, September 28, 2012

Weber County Forum 2012 Election News Roundup

few 2012 election-topical  stories which we stumbled upon  this morning...whilst Googling

As the 2012 general election countdown clock (see the WCF right sidebar) ticks down to under 38 days until the November 6, 2012 election, we'll up the ante and highlight a few 2012 election-topical  stories which we stumbled upon  this morning...whilst Googling.

1) Utah Congrssional District 1. For those Weber County political wonks who are looking for candidate distinctions in the Utah Congressional District 1 House of Representatives race, check out this SL-Trib story link:
Looks like we have a West Point grad running against a draft-dodger, no? Weber County US war veterans, please take note.

2) US Presidential Race. Here statistic guru Nate Silver's odds in the presidential  race as of today:

Here are a couple of supplementary articles for your reading "pleasure":
Romney's own ill-chosen "heavy" words aren't helping his campaign either, we guess:
It gets interestinger and interestinger, dunnit?

Maybe Romney presidential fortunes will "recover" in the upcoming debates, right?

And what are the odds for a Romney victory amongst Romney's formerly rabid Wall Street supporters?
Let's just say that Romney's earlier heavily supportive Wall Street cronies are now seemingly "hedging their bets."

That's it folks; let's hear your own 2¢


AintOverYet said...

 Suggested NEW 2012 campaign song for Mitt Romney:

I Get Knocked Down (but I get up again)

It ain't over yet.

Marco said...

 A whisky drink?  A vodka drinek? a lager drimk?  Maybe a cider drink, maybe.

googlegirl said...

 Whose Idea Was It to Nominate Romney, Anyway?

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