Thursday, September 13, 2012

Startup Fever: Why Did Ogden, Utah Lead The USA In Job Growth?

Sodden hint: It didn't

Fascinating undated Boss Godfrey "butt-kissing puff piece" we stumbled upon this afternoon whilst googling:
So who is this post-Godfrey era Godfreyite Alex Lawrence? An actual WSU paid faculty member, or an opportunistic, self-promoting WSU graduate poseur/clinger-on? Is there anyone on the WSU faculty who'd like to publicly claim this guy as one of their own? (We didn't think so, for some strange reason.)

We take personal offense, by the way, that Mr. Lawrence doesn't consider Weber County Forum (after seven years of being a painful "burr under the saddle" of crooked politicians) to be "a reputable source." That's standard Godfreyite denial of reality, of course.

And even more fundamentally, Dan S's marvellous 7/29/12 expose, which Mr. Lawrence cavalierly dismissed, is a tome that's nearly impossible to refute on the core data and analysis, ainnit?


Ogden Lover said...

I can't help noticing that stores on Harrison south of 42nd, many of which have stood empty for years, are now full of new business opening. A crafts store, Barbacoa, Woody's Barbecue, and a fitness center. All now that Godfrey is not mayor any longer.

It seems to me that this is the way to stimulate our economy as opposed to big, taxpayer subsidized (or paid for) enterprises.

Danny said...

I posted this over on the nitwit Lawrence's blog.

only found this article be way of the disreputable Weber County forum.
Don't worry Mr. Lawrence, I won't come back here again.

The owner of Lawrence's blog is the silly pretentious type that gravitated
to Godfrey. I love the way Lawrence uses the word "we" as if he had
anything to do with anything.

Almost all of the jobs Godfrey "created" were as result of taxpayer
subsidized developments that moved them from one part of town to
another. There was little if any creation of jobs on a "net" basis.
Mr. Lawrence, look up what a "net" basis means.

Blackrulon said...

Correct me if I am wrong. Isn't part of the department he was appointed to lead behind the tech center located downtown. Downtown in a building refurbished with federal stimulus money. the same building that a private business ROX was previously occupying. the previous business relocated elsewhere and jobs created by federal money oved into the spaces. Does that really count as new jobs since it took a infusion of federal money to begin the whole process of upgrading the building.

Smaatguy said...

but but...its free money!   and Ben just opened the floodgates again today....what an idiot...not going to do a damn thing...

Dan S. said...

Rudi, I don't see why it's necessary for you to attack Mr. Lawrence personally, even suggesting that he doesn't hold a legitimate position at WSU. I certainly don't speak for WSU in this matter (or in anything else), but for what it's worth, as a WSU faculty member, I consider Mr. Lawrence a colleague.

On the other hand, I won't defend the way he deleted one of my comments from his blog (possibly because he couldn't think of any fitting response). If you go over there and look, you'll see that I first left a comment correcting his claim that "Ogden added more jobs during the past 12 months than anyone else," providing a link to my July 29 WCF article for documentation. In response, Mr. Lawrence posted the following comment (to which you alluded above):

"Thanks for the update, Dan. I don't trust that link as a reputable source though. Mayor Godfrey did a lot of great things while in office. He has moved on with his life though. I'd suggest you do the same."

(Initially, this comment also included a signature line with Mr. Lawrence's WSU phone number and a WSU email address. Those have since been removed.)

When I saw this response from Mr. Lawrence, I posted the following comment which he has now, apparently, deleted:

"Alex, I stand by every word of that article (which I wrote) and if you dispute its accuracy then I hope you'll be specific and professional about bringing your concern to my attention, rather than publishing vague accusations.

"Facts are facts, and it does no service to our community to pretend that Ogden has added thousands of jobs when it hasn't.

"Regarding Mayor Godfrey, he may no longer be mayor but he is still a public figure, soliciting and receiving taxpayer-funded contracts from other cities in the local area. His job-creation record is still very much a matter of legitimate public concern.

"As for your final comment, I would again ask you to be professional and refrain from changing the subject to your personal opinion about my life."

Bob Becker said...

If they make it.  They're opening at locations that have seen a lot of small businesses fail, particularly restaurants.

Bob Becker said...

re: this:   Rudi, I don't see why it's necessary for you to attack Mr. Lawrence personally, even suggesting that he doesn't hold a legitimate position at WSU.
Agreed.  Mr. Lawrence's claims stand or fall on the evidence he can bring in to support them, period, as do your's, or anyone else's.  

Ogdenvoter said...

Perhaps we could all take a friend to lunch down that way.

rudizink said...

 Mr. Lawrence's arrogant swipe at WCF's "reliability" invited a retort, which is exactly what he got.

Smaatguy said...

Mister Lawrence appears to be somewhat of a narrcacist...creating ones own reality.....that site is laughable....nothing but a "yes man" soapbox

AfterBurner said...

Being new to Ogden and hoping to learn something through this sounds more like the floor of the house and senate than a reputable source. It is unfortunate when irate posters try to conduct a complex debate using the keyboard as a shield instead of discussing issues face to face as has been suggested. Right or wrong about job creation in Ogden, here's what can be taken to the bank. It is worth getting to know Alex as many top executives from around the world have.  Alex Lawrence has been and will continue to be one of the most significant catalysts for new business and job creation in Utah.

Bob Becker said...

I notice you simply appealed to authority in support of Mr, Lawrence's dismissal of Dan's article. Appeals to authority are rarely convincing. If you... or he... has evidence to refute Mr, Schroeder's article, present it. To date neither he, nor you, have.

Bob Becker said...

To which of course the proper responce is, when mud is slung, refuse to sling it back. Take the high road. Mr. Lawrence's failure to take on Dab's article on the merits will be, and already is, plain.

rudizink said...

Well that's your 2¢ Bob, I guess.  But remember the tried and true olde-time slocan: "Different strokes for different folks." ;-P

Blackrulon said...

Is it your considered opinion that one should not respond to misleading statements? That one should not respond in this public forum? I think that perhaps you have not really understood this forum and what its purpose actually is.

Bob Becker said...

I said nothing of the kind. I did say replies ought to consist of countering false claims by providing evidence that reveal them as false claims. This is what Dan does so often and so well. What I think is counter productuve is replying to false claims on matters like this by attacking the individual making the claims. Personal attcks on issues like jobs in Ogden are no more convincing than appeals to authority. Neither can establish who is right in the issue.

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