Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Afternoon Weber County Forum Local News Roundup

A few news and editorial  items of local interest which we stumbled upon this morning whilst Googling

Just so's you won't think we've been slacking off this a.m., here are a few news and editorial  items of local interest which we stumbled upon this morning whilst Googling, and thought to be worthy of note:

1) The Standard-Examiner rightly unloads on the anti-First Amendment "apartchiks" in North Ogden City BIG government with both barrels:  "If North Ogden’s apparatchiks continue to harass Taylor, we hope he fights back. Free speech is always worth a good scrap, and North Ogden’s government elite need a strong lesson in civics and ethics," sez the Standard-Examiner editorial board:
"Bizarro governnment?" Great turn of a phrase, wethinks.  (Perfect description for the fascist-style gummint in North Ogden, in our never-humble opinion.

2)  Taking into account the S-E editorial linked above, here's another killer S-E story which we also find worthy of note:
It's nice to see the often politically-neutered Utah ACLU doing a little something now and then, no? Like actually "filing a lawsuit"?  Looks like a dead-bang winner for the Utah ACLU to us, btw.

3) And here's today's final-final:  There's more here, people, than meets the eye, upon reading this Standard-Examiner story:
Once again our "real estate developer-friendly" Ogden City Council rejects the input of previously un-annexed Ogden citizens who'd like to preserve the "rural nature" of their local neighborhood.

Kudos to Councilwomen Amy Wicks and Susan Van Hooser for listening to the lumpenfolks, btw, and voting "NO":
The council voted 5-2 in favor of the annexation. Councilwomen Amy Wicks and Susan Van Hooser cast dissenting votes, citing concerns over the impact the zoning would have on residents.  
And here's something interesting, according to this morning's S-E story, "[The] petition for the annexation was filed earlier this year by somebody named David Phipps."

Dang!  Until now, we'd thought the politically disgraced David Phipps had  fallen off the edge of the earth.  For good or ill, that's apparently not so. Looks in fact like he's got his MoJo back.

Once the 2012 general election is over, WCF readers, we can see there's work to be done in the year 2013 with our Ogden City Council, and other Northern Utah city councils, folks, No?

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