Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 Weber County General Election Candidate Roster

Nothing at all like it anywhere else in the entire Weber County webosphere

In our ever-obsessive compulsion to cover every detail of all local aspects of  the 2012 General Election race, we'll make note of this highly informative Guest Editorial in today's Standard-Examiner,  by Utah Democrat Steve Olsen, (former [reformed] Republican) who gives us a brief run-down of the Democratic Party candidates on the Weber County election slate in November:
In that connection we'll now proudly "up the ante" and roll out for public view our new Weber County Forum  2012 Weber County General Election Candidate Roster, which greatly expands on today's Steve Olsen Op-Ed piece.

Although it's still slightly under construction, you can view more info on the Demo candidates than even  Mr. Olsen mentions, along with all the others of "other political stripes" right here:
We've worked our "tail" off to create this page, people.

Use it, enjoy it and exploit it, folks.

Trust us.  There's nothing at all like this anywhere else in the entire Weber County webosphere.

For our Gentle Readers' future reference, by the way, we've also planted this candidate information resource in our right sidebar 2012 election module.


Smaatguy said...

nice work and many thanks!!!

Smaatguy said...

OT...North Ogden considering closing parks on Sundays...can I get at WT....??? 

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