Saturday, September 29, 2012

WSU Game Day Thread: Weber State v. University of California Davis

A fine chance for rookie head coach Sears to finally put a "W" in the "win" column, folks

The Weber State Wildcats (0-4) are back on the road today in Davis California, to meet the Big Sky Conference newcomer UC Davis Aggies (1-3) at 7 p.m. in Aggie Stadium.  

Here's the pre-game setup from the Standard-Examiner:
The Aggies' home town newspaper, the Davis Enterprise, provides its own take on tonight's game too:
And here's the ever-trusty online audio link, regular as clockwork, for those of you who'd like to listen in:
Tonight's contest is the first of the Wildcats' season where they won't be facing either a FBS team or a Top 25 ranked FCS program, so it looks like a fine chance for rookie head coach Sears to finally put a "W" in the "win" column, Wildcat fans.

We'll leave the comments section open as per usual for anyone who'd like to throw in their own 2¢ before, during or after the game.

Go Wildcats!

Update 9/29/12 11:00 p.m.: The Standard is first out of the box with the post game story:
Final score: UCD 37, WSU 13. "Weber State (0-5, 0-2 Big Sky) is winless through five games for the first time since 2004," the Standard reports.



Smaatguy said...

Bummer for the Cat's....

OT....This just chaps my we go again...$100k to another developer to get things moving....I don't recall the city handing  me even a stick of gum when I remodeled my building...  Questions....just how much of this $100 k will remain in Ogden?...With as big as this project appears to be and as "attractive" it is going to be, then it ought to be so successful that the public does not need to be funding it in ANY way.  They say " the removal of the buildings is essentially free to the cithy"....Ummm....soes the City own the buildings? how is that free to the city?   And here we go again with jobs lies....creating 30 to 50 temporaryconstruction they going to tear them down with spoons?  50 guys riding a trackhoe???

As far as local developer....Google Wright Development Group and see where that lands ya...yup...Layton....Hilton Garden Inn....sound familiar?    Again the question...if this is such a great project, why does the public have to fund it!
I am livid beyond words.

Smaatguy said...

Ogden: Blight be gone By MITCH SHAW Standard-Examiner staff   OGDEN — The city hopes giving a $100,000 boost to a local developer will stimulate growth and remove a large patch of urban blight from Washington Boulevard.
Ogden’s Economic Development Department has negotiated a deal for the redevelopment of about 0.85 acres at the southwest corner of 17th Street and Washington Boulevard. The site has been home to the old Pepsi bottling warehouse and most recently an indoor skate park. The buildings at the site are now vacant and have become dilapidated, leaving an eyesore at the gateway to Ogden’s Riverbend development and downtown area.
The proposed project at 17th Street calls for all the existing buildings from Perry Street to 17th to be demolished and new retail buildings to be built in their place.
The first of the new tenants would be a 7-Eleven convenience store.
Additional tenants and buildings will be built at an unknown future date, the city says.
As part of the deal, the city would appropriate $100,000 to the Wright Development Group, LLC, which would purchase the land from current owner, B&N Properties. Wright would then lease the land to 7-Eleven.
Wright would also be responsible for demolishing all of the vacant buildings and removing all of the other blighted aspects of the property.
The $100,000 incentive, which would help pay for pre-construction costs, would come from the city’s general fund and be paid to Wright over a period from 2014 to 2019.
Brandon Cooper, senior project manager for Ogden, said the project will provide many benefits to the city beyond just the removal of the old, rundown buildings, which the city estimates would cost more than $300,000.
Ogden’s Economic Development Department estimates the project will increase sales tax, increase property values and property tax, create 30 to 50 temporary construction jobs and eight to 12 permanent jobs, and will serve as a catalyst for additional development.
The proposed budget for the project shows that actual revenues to the city over the five-year reimbursement period will be approximately $96,000, meaning the demolition of the vacant buildings and removal of blight is essentially free to the city.
The city council has to approve the deal before the project can move forward, and several council members have expressed concerns with it.
Council members have wondered if a 7-Eleven really fits with the city’s vision for the area and if a convenience store is the best development catalyst.
But Cooper and Ogden city planning manager Greg Montgomery said the proposed 7-Eleven will be designed differently from most of the company’s stores and include landscaping requirements.
“It will be a more modern styling, similar to the Bingham Cyclery,” Montgomery said. “It ties into some of the architectural things we are trying to accomplish.”
Council members also have concerns with city money benefiting the property’s current owner, B&N Properties, which hasn’t paid property taxes in two years.
In a recent council work session, Councilwomen Susan Van Hooser and Amy Wicks each voiced concerns that the deal would essentially be benefiting B&N.
But Tom Christopulos, Ogden’s director of community and economic development, said it’s still a major benefit to the city even though the delinquent B&N could benefit from the deal. “This is an issue of the greater good for Ogden,” he said. “If we don’t do this, the current owner is still there and we are still left with all the blight.” MITCH SHAW/Standard-Examiner The cracked exterior of the old Pepsi bottling plant-turned-indoor skate park at 17th Street and Washington Boulevard in Ogden is seen recently. City officials hope the vacant building can be demolished so new construction can revitalize the area. View of the back, or west side, of the building View of the north side of the building, facing 17th Street View of the east side, which faces Washington Boulevard in Ogden

Smaatguy said...

Smaatguy said...

 Bummer for the Cat's.

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