Saturday, September 01, 2012

WSU Kicks Off the 2012 Season Against Fresno State

We're thrilled to see our WSU  football team returning to the gridiron

It's a great day for Weber State University football fans, as WSU travels to Fresno, California to kick off the 2012 season at 8:00 p.m. against Fresno State University, of the Mountain West Football Conference. The Standard-Examiner provides the pre-game hype this morning:
And here's story from the perspective of Fresno's home town newspaper, the Fresno Bee:
We've checked the local listings; and (no surprises here) it appears today's game won't be available on local TV. A live audio version will be broadcast online at WSU's broadcast mother-ship, KZNS-AM, of course:
And don't forget the WSU Athletics Twitter Feed:
We're thrilled to see our WSU  footbal team returning to the gridiron; and we'll be closely covering our WSU Wildbcata team right here on Weber County Forum tonight, and through the rest of the season, come hell or high water..

Best of luck to Weber State coach Jody Sears and his WSU squad. A victory over a the Bulldogs would be a grand way for Coach Sears to launch his inaugural season.

Update 9/1/12 11:45 p.m.:  The Wildcats go down in flames,   37-10:

Update 9/3/12 8:00 a.m: The Standard carries another post-game story this morning which is a little more upbeat:

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