Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Salt Lake Tribune: Feds Block Utah Law Over Police Power on Public Lands

Something to think about the next time our Weber County legislative "critters" are out campaigning under the "government frugality" banner, no?

For openers this morning, we'd like to direct our readers' attention to an eye-opening story in this morning's Salt Lake Tribune, reporting on the latest blowback from the 2013 Utah legislative session, wherein our Sage Brush Rebellion "cowboy" legislature, in a fit of Utah-style, anti-federal government sentiment,  gleefully passed Rep. Mike Noel's HB155, among other wonderful things.  This bill, which was "narrowly" drafted to limit the law-enforcement authority of employees of federal land-management agencies, has now landed in federal court in what has to be record time, a mere 36 days after the adjournment of the 2013 session. HB 155 was of course just one of a series of 2013 legislative bills designed to "curb" federal government clout, (translation: get in the federal government's face.) Read up folks about what we expect to be the first of several federal injunctions coming up over the next few months:
Referring to the U.S. attorney's 2-count complaint, we find allegations which are just what we might have expected, i.e., that federal government attornies seek to "preliminarily and permanently enjoin enforcement of Sections 53-13-106.5 and 76-8-512(4) of the Utah Code, as amended by Utah House Bill (“HB”) 155 (2013), because these provisions are preempted by federal law and therefore violate the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution":

Utah Cowboy Caucus
Curious about which of your Weber County-based legislators bought into this lawsuit by voting yea on this bill?  For your future reference we've helpfully assembled these details here.  Yep.  Mostly "The Usual Suspects," folks:
Within the "prayer" of the U.S. attorney's complaint we find this standard "boilerplate" provision:
WHEREFORE, the United States respectfully requests the following relief:.. 3. That this Court award the United States its costs in this action...
Something for Weber County voters to think about after the court grants its inevitable permanent injunction and assesses costs in this matter... you know, the next time these legislative "critters" are out campaigning under the shop-worn "government-spending frugality" banner, no?


Bob Becker said...

I expect this kind of chest-beating expensive nonsense from the likes of Christiansen, Reid, Jenkens and Froerer and similar faux fiscal-conservatives But was disappointed to see Rep. Pitcher's name on the list. He has in the past shown an ability to think for himself, and to avoid mindlessly drinking the wingnut kool-ade.

blackrulon said...

I think it is just a matter of time before the stale legislature asks for a rehearing on Utahs statehood applicatioin.

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