Sunday, August 11, 2013

Don Porter: You’re right, Mr. Osmond, Utahns Don’t Need No Stinking Education

Nice counterpoint, wethink, to yesterday's misguided SLTrib guest commentary

Top notch Standard-Examiner "Outtakes" column this morning, wherein veteran news journalist Don Porter inimitably weighs in on the currently raging "compulsory education kerfuffle":
So what about it, O Gentle Weber County Forum readers? Did Mr. Porter knock this one outta the park (or what)?

Nice counterpoint, wethink, to yesterday's SLTrib guest commentary, which should serve as a glaring example of what happens when wacked out Utah right wing ideology crashes headlong into common sense:
(That's right folks.  We've been watching Major League Baseball all morning.)

The floor's open, folks.

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