Saturday, August 03, 2013

John Swallow News Roundup - Episode XL: 10 Law Firms Vie to Work for Panel Investigating A.G. John Swallow

Looks like a pretty decent gig for some lucky law firm, yes?

"Ten law firms will now compete to work for the special Utah House committee investigating embattled Attorney General John Swallow":
"A five-member evaluation committee of lawmakers and legislative staff reviewed 61 applications for the job. After scoring each firm, it pared the list to 10. None are from Utah [of course]":
Impressive list, to say the least.

Once again, here's a mini-ruoundup of the possibly-conflicted BIG-TIME U.S. firms who got "bumped from the list," for varying,  but what "should be obvious reasons":
"Finalists will be interviewed next week and a contract offered Aug. 9. The investigative committee plans to hold its first meeting Tuesday," the Deseret News' Dennis Romboy reports.

Added bonus: Here's a handy online link to the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory, which provides background information on U.S. lawyers and law firms, for those research oriented readers among us who might want to further check out these law firm hopefuls:
Looks like a pretty decent gig for some lucky ...or soon to be a nationally BIGTIME law firm, yes?


RM said...

Why not just bribe Swallow to resign and go away with whatever this will cost the taxpayers? I'm sure he would have no problem taking that much money.

AWM said...

Rudi, lets hope that whatever firm is chosen, the investigation doesn't end in a total and unmitigated disaster like "The Charge of the Light Brigade" (whose picture you chose to illustrate this development)

rudizink said...

Happy to see that you picked up on that "subtlety." ;-)

Swallow Sucks said...

I like the law office named 'Harrangue and Long." Just the kind of harranguing the Swallow investigation needs. I think!

SonofZule said...

Uh-oh! Mike Lee worked at Sidley - scratch that one please.

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