Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Hot Off the Press: 2013 Ogden City Election Candidate Financial Disclosure Statements (First Set) - Updated

Money isn't everything in municipal politics... but a fat campaign warchest helps a heckuva lot

With the 2013 Ogden City Municipal Primary looming a little under six days hence, we're delighted to provide a glimpse of the first set of campaign financial disclosure statements of our nine Ogden City Council candidate hopefuls, which were duly filed with the Ogden City Recorder's Office by 5:00 p.m. yesterday, pursuant to applicable provisions of Ogden City's Campaign Financing Disclosure ordinances, which arrived on the heels of the Ogden City Council's 2009 campaign finance reform.  

"Cash is King" in politics, as the old saying goes; so click the highlighted links below to discover which candidates are Ogden City's fund-raising "royalty," at least at this juncture:

Candidate ContributionsExpenses
Municipal Ward 1
Neil K. Garner $0$25
Pamela  Stevens$0$25
Municipal Ward 3
Turner C. Bitton$4,698$3,734
Doug Stephens$3,800$2,312
At-Large "A"
Sheri Morreale$1,000$997
Stephen D. Thompson$1,868$568
Marcia L. White$10,015$3,384
At-Large "B"
Bart Blair$0$25
Courtney Jon White$80$32

Our compliments to candidates Marcia White, Turner Bitton and Doug Stephens, who've already put together particularly impressive "ground games."  Money isn't everything in politics, of course, but as we've learned the hard way in Ogden City municipal politics, and  looking at the the "big picture," a fat campaign warchest  helps a heckuva lot

Special thanks to Ogden City Recorder Tracy Hansen, a model of helpfulness and efficiency, who worked late, graciously furnishing the above reports early yesterday evening.

Plow through these reports, O Weber County Forum political wonks; and whatever you do, please don't keep your cranky opinions and comments to yourselves.

Update 8/8/13 10:00 a.m.:  Interesting discussion developing over at the Ogden Ethics Blog, where blogmeister Dan Schroeder questions the propriety of Mayor Caldwell's $500 donation to the Marcia White campaign. So whatddaya think, O Gentle Ones?  Even though such a donation is completely lawful, is it ethical?  And even assuming it is ethical, is it politically proper?


Dan S. said...

For more detail and commentary:

rudizink said...

Thanks for the additional analysis and commentary, Dan.

smaatguy said...

no conflict with the mayor contributing to a council members campaign???

rudizink said...

Congratulations, smaatguy. You get an "A" for issue-spotting this morning.

Lonnie said...

I'm surprized that Stephen Thompson hasn't raised more money. Maybe he's just keeping his powder dry.

Dan S. said...

It's pretty common for politicians to contribute to each others' campaigns. And it's perfectly legal here in Ogden, as in most other places. That doesn't mean it's a good idea. It creates at least the appearance of trying to buy favors from each other.

Ernie the Attorney said...

"Even though such a donation is completely lawful, is it ethical? And even assuming it is ethical, is it politically proper"

My take: Caldwell's donation really amounts to an "enhanced" endorsement.

"Politically improper?

Hell no!

Post Script said...

My thanks too Dan! Following the money in greater detail was quite a clarifying experience.

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