Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Salt Lake Tribune: Liquor Board to Allow Restaurants to Police Themselves

Back to square one, idiotic law, idiotic board, entrapment police with "cart blanc" enforcement

By Ray

("Utahrdian" Version)
"Liquor Board to Allow Restaurants to Police Themselves" says article in the Salt Lake Tribune today:
So let me get this straight:
  1. Legislature passes law to require food be ordered in order to get a alcoholic drink in a restaurants.
  2. DABC police set up "stings" to "bust" restaurants who don't comply.
  3. After much uproar over a poorly conceived/written/executed law DABC looks to "clarify" law.
  4. Months of study later board decides the subject is too muddied and decides individual restaurants will need to police and make up their own decisions on customers intent to order food.
So we're back to square one, idiotic law, idiotic board, entrapment police with "cart blanc" enforcement.


Bobby said...

is what it is in my opinion. As is the DABC. Want to save money and
help fund a worthy cause like teachers salaries ? Get rid of the DABC.

Marco said...

Taliban/Mormon Church comparisons, anyone?

Charon said...

This is one of the most stupid laws ever! It's a big fu*king (excuse the french) joke! LDS people are something else the way they think and do.I'am glad to be a Jack Mormon(was even married in the SLC Temple) and I am not very proud to be from Utah anymore.I got out of here early after college, became an Airline stewardess/based in LA and got to see the world/people as they really are! Utah is run like a Cult Culture,they push all their ideas and ways on people that live here. I have lived again (born & raised here) only the last 6 yrs.The reason: My son's/grandchildren! It is a beautiful place to live , only with narrow minded, mostly rude people that fallow each other around like a flock of sheep Baaaaing there rules and gossip at each other. The church people need to step back and let other people breath that live here, but that's pretty hard to do especially when all we have is dirty air to breath! That's what they should be looking to fix instead of stupid Liquor Laws!

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