Saturday, August 31, 2013

John Swallow News Roundup - Episode XLV: Utah House Committee Names Investigators for Swallow Probe

The association of Eden, Utah investigator Steve Clark adds to the "local" flavor.

"Slueths" "On the loose"
The Deseret News, KUTV2 and the Salt Lake Tribune report that two investigative firms have been chosen to gather evidence for the special House committee inquiry into allegations of misconduct by Utah Attorney General John Swallow. An evaluation committee selected the New York-based Mintz Group and Salt Lake City-based Lindquist & Associates to provide investigative services. The Mintz Group is also working with Steve Clark, based in Eden, Utah, which adds to the "local" flavor, we suppose.
Conflict of Interest?
Who the "heck" knows?
Interestingly, the Trib further reports that "Pamela Lindquist of Lindquist & Associates has done work for defense attorney Ron Yengich, who represents Jeremy Johnson, one of Swallow’s accusers. But Joe Pyrah, chief deputy of the House, said that Lindquist has worked for numerous lawyers and has never worked on Johnson’s case," nevertheless leaving the question open, whether Ms. Lindquist may have a potential conflict of interest, and further illustrating the difficulty of finding anyone in the local legal community who hasn't been somehow at least potentially touched by the intricate and labyrinthine John Swallow scandals.

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    Jennifer said...

    are they unbiased .... down to their lowliest intern: yes it should be know what stock ALLL of them own ...

    Lisa said...

    The headline should forever be "A Comedy of Errors" What a piece of work

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