Thursday, August 08, 2013

John Swallow News Roundup - Episode XLI: New Allegations and More Procedural Nuts and Bolts

Will additional lawsuits and charges be filed and lodged before applicable statutes of limitations run?

As embattled Republican Attorney General John Swallow writhes in the public spotlight, new allegations are coming out of the woodwork:

"Swallow may have let his lobbying license lapse after joining the Utah Attorney General’s office in 2009, but in early 2011 he [continued] to lobby State Senator Curt Bramble (Republican, Provo) to sponsor a bill proposed by the Utah company TEEMS, LLC, which was funded by Swallow’s former lobby client, George Evan Bybee":
Some Utah investor's are grumbling about Swallow's involvement in a possible 2005 high-tech light bulb scam:
Will additional lawsuits be filed in re this matter before the statute of limitations runs?

And check out this blockbuster. An ex-con now says he raised thousands of dollars for Swallow’s campaign, but (surprise of surprises) that money cannot be found on any financial disclosure statements:
In the ongoing media frenzy, there are several new stories reporting on the procedural nuts and bolts:

It wasn’t enough for jailed businessman Marc Sessions Jenson to get Utah attorney general prosecutors off his case Monday in exchange for the acting Utah County attorney, who claims he has never spoken to, nor had any dealings with, embattled Attorney General John Swallow or his predecessor. Jenson’s lawyers also want the attorney general’s investigator dropped, a move that would further delay the 2-year-old case from going to trial and force newly appointed prosecutor Tim Taylor to start from scratch:
Contemplating the estimated $3 million. price tag for the pending House investigation, "Swallow, speaking Tuesday on KSL’s Doug Wright Show, said he is disappointed at the cost and bewildered how he found himself in the current situation":
The committee investigating Swallow wants to reach out to other entities conducting investigations into the embattled Attorney General:
How much cooperation can the House investigation expect from county a federal prosecutors who are conducting parallel investigations?  Not much, we'll guess.


Carol said...

think people are starting to say, "Oh, Yeah. Now that I think about it,
there is this other thing he did." Instead of the good-old-boy attitude
of looking the other way or thinking "I do that, too, so it must not be
bad," people are suddenly seeing the no-clothes version of one Utah
public servant after another.

rudizink said...

Hope you're right, Carol!

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