Friday, August 30, 2013

Radley Balko 8/29/13 Event Post-mortem

Standing by, awaiting firebrand libertarian Connor Boyack's "next move"

This morning's Salt Lake Tribune reports on last night's blockbuster Salt Lake City Library public event, wherein anti-police violence whistle-blower Radley Balko presented the case for dialing back police militarization in Utah, and indeed all across the whole USA:
And the D-News competently covers the post-speech public forum/panel angle:
Be sure to read the generally brilliant reader comments posted in the comments sections beneath each above-linked story. It's encouraging to observe normally sheep-like Utahns actually perking up their ears regarding this issue, ainnit

Mr. Balko also reports, by the way, that just as we predicted, last night's event played to a "full house":
Regarding the Libertas Institute's presumed ongoing efforts to tackle the "police militarization problem", we'll be standing by, with abated breath, to watch their next move, as firebrand Connor Boyack and his "kick-ass" libertarian crew prepare to introduce corrective legislation in the 2014 Utah legislature.

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