Saturday, August 10, 2013

John Swallow News Roundup - Episode XLII: Clinton Impeachment Defense Lawyer Will Lead House Swallow Probe

A prudent choice, one designed to possibly err on the side of caution?

There's a significant development in the John Swallow Three-ring Circus, as the Salt Lake Tribune's Robert Gehrke reports that the field of ten national law firms competing to serve as special counsel for the Utah House of Representatives investigative committee has been narrowed to one.  Here's the gist of last night's story:
Team Leader
A Democratic lawyer who played a key role in the House impeachment and Senate acquittal of then-President Bill Clinton will spearhead Utah’s historic inquiry into Attorney General John Swallow.
Officials announced Friday the selection of New York-based Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP as the special counsel to the Utah House committee investigating the state’s embattled Republican attorney general.
The Akin Gump team will be led by Steven Reich, who was deputy chief investigative counsel for the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee during Clinton’s 1998 impeachment and later served as counsel to Democrats in the Senate trial, where Clinton was cleared....
Reich will be joined in the Swallow probe by Steven Ross, who was general counsel to the U.S. House and leads Akin Gump’s congressional investigations practice.[Links added].
Read the full story here:
Team leader Mr. Reich's area of specialty seems to be centered on the defense side of the bar, raising the reasonable question, we believe, whether his defense-honed legal skills will be adequate to building a case for impeachment against Swallow, if warranted. He's a Democrat, however, which might rankle our pro-Swallow Republican friends, of course.

So what about it, O Gentle Ones?  Is the selection of a seemingly defense-oriented legal team to advise the House committee a prudent choice in this matter, one designed, on balance, to possibly err on the side of caution?  Or is "the fix already in" for the John Swallow "impeachment" investigation?

Whaddaya say folks?


Skeptical said...

Did you photoshop Reich's image, Rudy? Looks like he's wearing a "rug."

blackrulon said...

since some Republican leaders are bemoaning the ost of the Swallow investigation I have a possible solution. Get some of the deep pocket donors to fund a PAC. Let Swallow keep the money raised if he resigns. After all this whole mess started mostly because of seeking campaign funds.

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