Thursday, September 04, 2008

Another Ogden Lumpencitizen Retort to Last Month's Bob Geiger Screed

Ogden Resident Charles Lyon skillfully takes Mr. Geiger's "argument" apart
Added bonus: a little free practical advice

This morning's Standard-Examiner carries another fine guest commentary retort to that half-baked Bob Geiger screed, published by the Std-Ex on July 31st. In this morning's well crafted guest editorial, Ogden resident Charles Lyon skillfully dismantles Mr. Geiger's false premises, sets forth an array of facts demonstrating that Ogden City is well on the way to "rebirth" (even in the absence of gondolas), and further points to one of the chief factors contributing to the presumed demise of Chris Peterson's erstwhile failed land grab, i.e., Boss Godfrey's pre-election decision to refrain from selling our "crown jewel" Mt. Ogden parkland.

Mr. Lyons also closes his most excellent article with some sage advice for the gondola-obsessed remnants of Lift Ogden. If these downtrodden souls still wish to remain politically relevant, and to relieve themselves of the indignity of being the butt of all Ogden jokes, we believe they should take a long and hard look at Mr. Lyon's final paragraph:
Geiger and Lift Ogden should work toward the goal of a gondola to help set Ogden apart from everywhere else. But until they find a way to pay for it that everyone else can accept, maybe Lift Ogden could help to lift Ogden by promoting the other great things we have or could have here if we all work together.
Fine guest editorial this morning from Mr. Lyon. It's a good read, and a craftsman-like piece of work to boot. We thus recommend all readers (not just gondolists) take a look at it.

Reader comments are invited, of course.


Curmudgeon said...

Some sensible commentary, as you say Rudi. But alas, the essay too easily conflates the two gondolas the Mayor's scheme proposes. One of those two gondolas may make sense... provided it goes to Snow Basin as Mr. Lyon accurately notes the Mayor's proposed two gondolas will not.

An up-mountain gondola from say the head of 36th Street to Malan's Basin and Snow Basin my well be feasible. It's the sort of terrain gondola's are well suited to: moving people up and down over steep elevations over terrain not suitable for road building. But the second gondola... the flatland one from downtown to WSU... makes no sense at all.

I did enjoy Mr. Lyon's pointing out that in insisting that Ogden is now and can never be other than a decaying heap of urban blight unless the Mayor's two gondolas are built, Mr. Geiger has cavalierly dismissed what, in other circumstances, he and his gondolista cronies have hailed as Mayor Godfrey's great successes in yanking Ogden back from the brink: the Junction, etc. As Mr. Lyon notes, Mr. Geiger cannot have it both ways: mayor Godfrey is either the highly successful leader who has, with projects like the Junction, the River Project, etc., saved Ogden and made it into a recreation center drawing national and world attention on the one hand, or he's merely a caretaker Mayor who failed to get two gondolas built and so is presiding over the continuing collapse of Western Civilization As We Know It here in Junction City.

Well worth a read, Mr. Lyon's column today. Well worth a read.

George K. said...

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Viktor said...

Seems like most folks in this discussion take it for fact that the Junction and the River project are raging success stories.

I have to disagree on that. The Junction is already bleeding the city resources where big money is being diverted from the only winner the city owns - BDO to keep up with bond payments and expenses, and the River project is a huge boarded up mess that is going nowhere fast. These two boondoggles do not constitute success in any reasonable way.

I think when the final tally is in the people of Ogden will realize they have been fleeced to the tune of a hundred million or so by this fast talking, incompetent and lying little peckerhead on nine.

Curmudgeon said...


On the contrary, it is too early to tell for sure, and it's been noted here several times that the signs are not, by any means, particularly good. Business block on the SE corner of The Junction still not fully rented. Retail space on street level still not rented. Only condo block actually under construction seems to be moving at a snails pace and is not yet occupied. City paid at least two bond payments it was, according to the Mayor, never going to have to pay. Reid condo block on... well, let's just say "hiatus" for at least two years. If not more. Many more. Many here have noted that the River Project so far consists of one cafe and one bike store --- in the same building. And a prospective convalescent rehab building. Nary a word's been spoken of the highly announced and touted Coming of Walmart in some time now. Lesham Village Slummery often commented on. Nothing seems to be happening with the River Project properties the city obtained for Mr. Lesham. And so on. All commented on here on wcf frequently.

So I think you're wrong saying "most folks in this discussion take it for fact that the Junction and the River project are raging success stories."

Viktor said...


Seems like we are talking about the same thing.

I meant most folks on this particular thread were assuming success on these projects. I did not mean the ongoing blog.

John said...

I find it ironic that the headline on Godfrey’s op ed reads: “Edit board’s conclusion faulty.” His piece has so many holes in it that it looks like some of Ogden’s water pipes. He is the faulty one! As many of you have posted above, he has given you ONLY and exactly what he wants leaving out pertinent information. Remember you can’t believe all that you read.

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