Friday, September 26, 2008

SLC Leaders Push Streetcars

It's Deja Vu all over again

By Curmudgeon

There is an interesting article in this morning's SL Trib. It ties in with the situation in Ogden, where the Windsor Hotel developers who want the 45' height limit on 25th Street raised are promising a gondola stop just moments from the condos and apartments they're hoping to sell downtown.

Here are the opening graphs:

Giddy about the efficiency of Portland's downtown streetcar system - and the economic spoils it spurs - Salt Lake City leaders are determined to bring new tracks and trolleys to Utah's capital.
Fresh from a Northwest transit tour of Portland, Seattle and Vancouver with 28 city and business officials, Mayor Ralph Becker says a new streetcar network, beginning in downtown, is a priority for his freshman administration.
"Lay the tracks and development happens," Becker told reporters Thursday morning at City Hall. "That's what we saw place after place."
Why, it's deja vu all over again, as Yogi Berra used to say. I recall Ogdenites pointing out exactly the same things regarding streetcars, and using Portland's as an example, nearly three years ago as Hizzonah, The Mayor, began his campaign to sink plans for a street car line from downtown to WSU and McKay-Dee in order to protect that route for his flatland gondola tourist ride.

Imagine that....


al said...

Wouldn't it be nice to have an ADULT mayor?

Fly said...

Who's getting up trhee or four times a night to feed him Al?

Maybe if we let him know who the adults are, he might stop his constant whinning.

Bill C. said...

For a clear cogent adult explanation and understanding of lying little matty plan of salvation, visit Brandon Anally Stephensons webpage, you can link it on the city websight.
Gondola worship is serious business.

Monotreme said...


here is the direct link for those who are interested.

Seeing as how the information is over a year old, he would've had time to correct the multiple spelling and grammatical errors.

Jason W. said...

Dear Monotreme, laughable neuroscientist and non-attender of crime conferences:

"Take the next step! Take the next step! Take the next step! Take the next step!"

Thank you.


Monotreme said...


Does that mean I'll be seeing you at the gondola conferences I attend regularly?

I believe onions are on the menu. The ski is no longer beautiful blue, but Brandon Stephenson's Magic Pony is a gorgeous shade of blue.

Monotreme said...

It occurs to me that many of you may not be familiar with "Magic Pony Plans" so here's a primer.

The gondola looks like a Magic Pony Plan to me, is all I'm saying.

Curmudgeon said...

Comment bumped to front page

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