Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ogden Raptors Playoffs Start Out Tonight at Lindquist Field

A great autumnal night for Raptors Playoff Baseball

By Dave Baggot
Owner, Ogden Raptors

Hey Friends;

Our boys have turned the season around and have qualified for the playoffs. Our hats go off to the kids for staying focused and ready to play.

We will host Game 1 of the Southern Division Playoffs right here at Lindquist Field tonight. Game time is 7:00 pm. Gates open at 6:00. We are playing the Orem Owlz and we will need to play flawless if we expect to make it through to the championship round. Games 2 and 3 if needed will be in Orem.

Prices are simple. We are treating the game like a Park Buyout. All General Admission Tickets are FREE, so all you need to do is pay the upgrade price to be in the box seats. Upgrade prices are $1.00 - $6.00 pending upon the seating section.

Season Ticket holders will have their same seats but you must come down and pay for them prior to the game. This is the only way I know how to do this since we have no time to promote. You can also reserve them on the phone with a credit card by calling 393-2450.

Playoffs do not draw well, so I need all of you to attend. I also need you to tell everyone you know to get their butts down here and see if we can win a title!.

We need your support so I am asking you to get down here and root for Our Ogden Raptors.

See you Tonight, and Think Blue!



RudiZink said...

Rudi will be down there at Lindquist Field tonight, wearing a giant Jack Nicholson-approved Hawaiian shirt and a white carnation pinned somewhere near the lapel.

If you're a WCF reader, be sure to step up and say "hello."

ozboy said...

To all dyed in the wool Godfreyites this is a golden opportunity to step up to the guy in the "Hawaiian" shirt with a white carnation pinned somewhere near the lapel and poke him in the nose!

Rudi,Rudi, Rudi you're getting awfully reckless in your middle ages! Hell man, you'ze might as well put a target on your back!!

Wishing Baggot and his boys good luck in the ball game and hoping it works out better for him than his round with Patty did so many years ago!

RudiZink said...

Nonsense, Ozboy. Your blogmeister regards riled-up Godfreyites as between-inning snacks.

Bring 'em on.

s said...

would like for"bags"

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