Saturday, September 13, 2008

Utah 58; Utah State 10... WSU 44; Dixie State 7

Basketball sized scores registered all over northern Utah

From the SLTrib:
LOGAN - The Utah Utes scored twice in the third quarter and twice more in the fourth as they methodically improved to 3-0.
Touchdowns by Matt Asiata and Colt Sampson provided Utah with a 44-10 lead over Utah State at Romney Stadium in the third quarter. The Utes were dominant offensively and defensively, with special teams being the only true hiccup. The Aggies scored a field goal, with an interception by linebacker Paul Igboeli being the key play.
This score is pretty amazing, inasmuch as the Utes played as ineptly as they've played this season. Chalk up tonight's victory to the Utes' amazing athleticism... and to the Aggies' painfully poor offense.

Fortunately for the Utes, they were playng the Aggies, and not the Cougars, who thrashed UCLA this afternoon 59-0.

More good news for northern Utah football fans:

Final score: Weber State 44; Dixie State 7.

Let's talk football folks. Is your blogmeister the only one who felt like the University of Utah played like crap tonight? Is there anyone in town (other than a handfull of Gondolist dorks) who isn't brimming with pride that WSU kicked butt at tonight's homecoming game? Is the BYU team headed for a national championship... or was today's drubbing of UCLA just a fluke?


Jimmy the Geek said...

Magic underwear.

I only bet on teams that wear magic underwear.

Wade said...

I hope we're not too good. It could make for a boring season!

Jason W. said...

Agreed, Rudi, in, re: Utes. The only thing I learned from watching that game was that USU's new facility is nice. And that Johnson is a legitimate QB, and would be even better if he wasn't saddled with the moronic play-calling of Zoobie dolt Kyle Whittingham and his crummy little toady, Andy Ludwig. I've always liked Logan, though, even though it's not a high-adventure recreation mecca and its per capita onion fanatics ratio is relatively slight.


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