Thursday, September 18, 2008

Important Emerald City Work Session Tonight

A heads-up from stalwart Councilwoman Jeske

By: Dorrene Jeske
Ogden City Council Member

I just received this in my email and thought that there might be some of you who would be interested in attending our work meeting tonight

Discussion of the transportation alternative analysis has been added to the agenda. We will still be discussing the water rates too.


Dr. Phil said...

The one thing that's obvious is that Boss Godfrey never received a good spanking from his mother, whose culteral obligation was to instill in "the little Shit" General cultural obligations, at the very least.

All his life, "the little shit" has posed as a victim because of his botched genetics.

John said...

Godfrey is a son of perdition, perhaps even the AntiChrist, in fact.

Thanks for standing up to the little satanic demon, Ms. Jeske!

Curt Geiger said...

How is it possible that John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his Vice-presidential candidate, when he coulda picked Matthew Godfrey?

Jay "TM" Cavendish said...

You're right, Curt.

Not only is Matthew Godfrey much smarter than Palin, he's also much more sexually desirable.

Curious 1 said...

SLTRIB has an article, civil-rights lawsuit brought by Ogden City's former human-resources manager Dean Martinez against the city has been moved to federal court.
Maybe more exposure to Ogden City politics can bring justice to a corrupt administration, secret handshake deals, backroom meetings, loading comittees with pro-gondola cronies, hiring wives and relatives of sponsors to city jobs.
Whatever it takes to expose the unethical behavior will be good for the city.

wsu_alumni said...

Hey all...interesting article on Yahoo (I's not the SE or SLTRib). But does give us something to watch for with our newest inner city campground:

In hard times, tent cities rise across the country

wsu_alumni said...

I need to add to that last comment. In NO way was that meant as a cold-hearted dig against the homeless!! I was only showing what the possible future may well be for that "campground".
And as curm has pointed out, not in HIS country (cuz it's not anyone else's...) will we not care for the sick or starving children who are here illegally. Not in MY country either.
So what do you do when you plan a campground for vacationing tourists, and it gets overtaken by the homeless? Kick them out so the richy campers can be there? NOT IN MY COUNTRY!

Curmudgeon said...


You wrote: And as curm has pointed out, not in HIS country (cuz it's not anyone else's...)

OK. Fair enough. What I should have said was "not in country. Not if I have anything to say about it."

When I saw the story about the tent camps of the new homeless, thought immediately of the hobo villages and shanty town camps that popped up around the US during the [First?] Great Depression. They were known sarcastically as "Hoovervilles" in dubious honor of the Republican president who the hobos blamed for their state. In the SW, they'd eat roadkill when they could find it, which meant often, armadillo --- which was known as "Hoover hog." [I found a student hunter who shot an Armadillo and a frat house cook who was willing to cook it, so I could try the meat and see what it was like. (The things I do to be a better history teacher....) You do not want to eat armadillo meat. Trust me on this.]

Never thought we'd see Hoovervilles again here... though I guess now we'd have to call them Dubyavilles.

PS: one small point. The people who'd be using this city site for recreational camping would almost certainly not be "richy campers." Much more likely to be relatively young folk for whom five nights in a Motel 6 would bust the budget.

wsu_alumni said...

Ah, right you are, curm! Good point, and good history story!

Waterboy said...

I, for one, would not set up camp along Park Blvd, nor would I recommend it to anyone (friend or foe). Too many undesirables (of all sorts) in that area. I don't think that the mayor's (much ballyhooed) police hit squad could clean up the area. Although, I am sure the mayor will figure out some way to bend the precious statistics to his benefit to make it (and him) look good at least on paper.

Southsider said...

Didn't we just pony up for some infrastructure at the Goode Ski Lake that would facilitate a nice PRIVATELY run compground?

wsu_alumni said...

Right you are, southsider, right you are!

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