Sunday, September 07, 2008

Powder Mountain Update: The Developer's Press Release

A pathetic and self-serving propaganda document... elegantly sliced and diced

A couple of days ago, in the wake of Thursday's announcement that the Powder Mountain Developer had filed a lawsuit, seeking to compel the Weber County Commission to rubber stamp the Developer's list of hand-picked flunkies and gophers, to form a corporate dictatorship over the politically disenfranchised citizens of Powderville, we received the following press release. It's quite a doozy:

September 3, 2008 Press Statement

We swear Ms. Carabello and her cronies must have burned the midnight oil for at least a couple of nights, spinning and plotting, in an effort to portray the developer and its evil band of greedheads as the victims in this matter, as they calculate to put the corporate jackboot down on the necks of the gentle citizens of Ogden Valley. From a reading of this document, you'd think they believe they own the moral highground, instead of acting like a pack of jackels taking advantage of a very badly written law.

We're going to invite your comment on this ridiculous and self-serving rubbish; but first we want you read something really special. Our friends at Ogden Valley Forum are way ahead of the game on this. They've dissected, sliced and diced, and made mincemeat of the developer's press release. Check out OVF blog team member Valley's most excellent article on the subject here:

Ogden Valley Forum Exclusive - The Powder Mountain Press Release

OVF has done a fine job with this, producing an article filled with good analysis and links. OVF readers don't do a bad job with their comments beneath the article either. We'll hope you'll all navigate to this site and read up.

When you're done... don't forget to come back here with your own comments.


Monotreme said...

Interesting how, in this Brave New World, my "private property rights" supersede the constitutional rights of all others in my immediate vicinity.

I'm thinking of erecting a huge trebuchet and firing six-foot-diameter cream pies at my neighbors. Hey, it's my private property and I can do what I want with it.

Curmudgeon said...

SL Trib has an interesting story this morning about plans for another mega ski resort, this one near Beaver, that developers rammed through over local opposition that seems now to have come a-cropper. Link here.

The Lovely Jennifer said...

They say, "like every other [sic] private property owner, they want their rights respected." Are they going to be the owners of the whole town? Or will the property owners caught within the town boundaries get to keep their property as their own. What about their individual rights? Some have expressed they don't want incorporation - yet Powderville hooligans keep insisting they speak for all of them.

Hooey!! By WCC 'respecting' their (Powderville dictators-in-waiting) 'rights,' mine are completely out of the picture. I have said it before, and I will say it again: STUFF ROLLS DOWNHILL! Simple law of physics on our beautiful planet Earth.

I live downhill - in Weber County, and whatever happens up in the (for the time being) beautiful Ogden Valley will affect me on MY private property. And I don't get a say about it. I cannot do anything to protect MY rights as a private property owner. Undoubtedly, and not the least factor, the water and waste issues will be the biggest.

The ever Lovely Jennifer

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