Monday, September 08, 2008

Most Excellent Political Parody by Jon Stewart

A video that should tickle the funny bone of citizens of all political stripes

By: Laughing My Ass Off

For those voters who don't believe MCain is a Bush Clone, have a look at this video!

Jon Stewart Obliterates John McCain's Acceptance Speech:

Editors's note: What we have here is fine political parody, delivered by Jon Stewart, by far the best current jokester in the political parody business. Stewart's The Daily Show is one more reason all locals should sign over their souls for TeeVee via Comcast.

Even your rock-ribbed paleo-conservative blogmeister laughed his ass off with this hilarous video. Of course we paleos always yield major yucks, any time anyone pokes fun at our moronic BIG SPENDING, BIG GOVERNMENT intra-party neoCON adversaries.



Kevin said...

Jon Stewart is my favorite!

Ray said...

Rudi: Check out this Jon Stewart piece on Sara Palin:

September 3, 2008: Sarah Palin Gender Card

vote said...

Stewart-Colbert 2008!!!

danny said...

It certainly doesn't speak well for Republicans when all one has to do to show what liars they are is compare their comments on any given day as these clips do.

I suspect were John Steward to go after Democrats he could show the same.

I tend to be a little more forgiving of Godfrey's lying. I wonder if it's inherent, or if he's just a simpleton who does what he sees everyone else doing.

Viktor said...

Ly'in is in the little peckerwoods Genes. Probably cause he ain't got nothing in his jeans.

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