Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Response to a Ridiculous Standard-Examiner Puff Piece

Std-Ex reporter Lewis adds a page to her ski resort promotion resume

We can't let the day drift by, without at least directing our readers' attention to this Di Lewis puff piece, appearing in this morning's Gondola-Examiner. Although we'd earlier credited Ms. Lewis, the Std-Ex's new reporter on the Ogden Valley beat, with being something of a "quick journalistic study", we're now leaning toward the view that Ms. Lewis would be better suited to a ski resort development public relations career.

Ms. Lewis's contribution today is without a doubt the most egregious example of one-sided reporting that we've witnessed in the Std-Ex in many a day. We'd suggest you read Ms. Lewis's article, wherein three of the most conflicted souls in Ogden Valley (all Alvin Cobabe family members) say, with a completely straight face, that they have no conflict of interest at all.

Before we launch into another jagged rant however, we'll simply defer to our friends at Ogden Valley Forum, who've posted their own most excellent response today. They've done a fine job with this; and referring you all to our sister blogsite will do wonders for our blood pressure:

Ogden Valley Forum: "Powder Mountain Article Counter-point!"

Post your comments either here or there. Where you post your comments matters not at all.

The important thing, we believe, is that we all remain involved.

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Deseret News Reporter said...

Breaking: We're receiving reports that Ms. Lewis has been kidnapped by SE publisher Lee "Gondola Boy" Carter, and that he's issuing stories under Ms. Lewis's byline from an undisclosed location.

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