Saturday, September 13, 2008

Golf Course Issues: Two More Standard-Examiner Letters

Two more lumpencitizens add facts and common sense to the Mount Ogden Golf Course discussion

Emerald City red-meat news has slowed to a trickle this morning; but we didn't want to launch into the weekend without at least shining the spotlight on a couple of letters appearing in the Standard-Examiner editorial pages this week, on the topic of Boss Godfrey's Mount Ogden Golf Course re-design proposal:

Gary Hicken provides this in this morning's Std-Ex edition:

Golf course budget could be increased

And here's a good one from Don K. Wilson, which appeared on the Std-Ex editorial page on September 10:

Golf course problems begin, end in city offices

We congratulate and thank Ogden residents Hicken and Wilson for exerting the extra effort to help educate Std-Ex readers about the issues surrounding Boss Godfrey's latest hare-brained scheme. We also further encourage WCF readers to follow suit, and to submit their own material for publication in our home town newspaper.

Boss Godfrey's MOGC propaganda blitz is now well under way; and it's therefore imperative that we lumpencitizens act to insert fact, logic and common sense into the discussion, as it develops in the public press.

We know this will come as something of a shock to our loyal and well-informed gentle readership... but believe it or not... not everyone in town makes the reading of Weber County Forum a part of their daily ritual. Sad, but true.

Not yet, anyway.


Bill C. said...

I'll clear up one slight error, Boutiful Ridge spent 1.05 million on all operations, not just maintainance. I'm also not sure how they expense equipment and other overhead, I wouldn't think they allow a city fleet department to make extreme profits off the the course operation as Ogden has done for so many years.
It's quite obvious that the only problem, the real problem, is this silly debt, and how this administration handles it. Spending up to 15 million,which is what it'll come to if you add all the pieces of this stupid idea together, is hardly reasonable. A much more pragmatic approach is to remove the designation as an enterprize operation, eliminate the debt, then research how to properly manage and operate the course by studying how other various munincipalities do it. By simply removing the debt, there is hardly a case that merits so much discussion, the numbers aren't that bad at all. The local market trend clearly shows that all courses are down, it's the ecconomy more than anything else. The market trend coupled with the administrations longtime negative marketing campain explains everything. Fleet department has made huge profits all along, much larger than loses show by the course over the time lying little matty's been in office, if you look at it without all this ridiculous debt service.
According to the skipper, the cemetary fund is owed $400,000.00
Just pay it off, all this interest seems to have been going into the general fund, whats up there? This whole thing is structured in such a funny way that it seems the city has been profiting all along but the guy's at the golf course look like big losers, come on Council, fix this thing so all this mayor driven BS can just disappear, it's quite simple.
Oh, and one other funny thing, from Dan's grama we learned that the irrigation system was stated as 1 to 1.5 million, the skipper has added 1 million more to his figures, this estimation must be only based on the nuclear option. I believe the original numbers are for the exsisting course. But what do I know? After supporting this facility for 25 years to the tune of thousands and thousands of dollars, and who knows how much time voluntarily helping in any way I can, the powers that be consider us the enemy, call us F-dudes, turds and chicken salad, or was that excrement?

Ogden Resident said...

I think its very important to the decision as to whether to go along with the existing course for a period of two to three years to see if the slight modifications (costing only about $400,000) by the subcommittee will work or not if the real total cost of the subcommittees suggestions would only be $1.5 to 2 million in total with the sprinkler system rebuild. We could operate with a bandaged sprinkler system for a couple of years to validate the subcommittee’s recommendations and if they work the city has saved over $6 to 6.5 million dollars. If they don't work, we're only out $400,000 dollars.
Sounds like pretty good odds to me. This represents odds of over a 16 to 1 (6.5 to 0.4) in our favor to try the subcommittee’s suggestions for a couple of years.

It always amazes me when the administration raises the projected costs to projects that he doesn’t want to see come about but always under estimates the costs of projects that he does want to come about. Nothing like twisting the facts.

Curmudgeon said...


You wrote of Godfrey: Nothing like twisting the facts.

What did you expect? The man's a Republican.

danny said...


Comments like that make you seem unreliable as a man of reason. Demos are hardly better than Repos. You gotta vote the person.

WSU_alumni said...

Not everyone here is a demo. I will likely get on here and try to convince with your fancy words that the world gone wrong is all the repubs fault. That's lame.
Even for someone as well versed as you.
There are good seeds and bad in every party. It would be nice to be able to be on here once in a while and know that while you try so hard to ride the fence (and sometimes fall off on the Godfrey side), you could be more respectful of the fence when it comes to dems and repubs and all other possible parties.
I didn't vote for The Forehead. OHHH how I wanted Susan VH!! Susan....come back!! Come back!!
BUT....I will NEVER vote for Obama, either. Various reasons, none of which matter on this blog.
Last I recall, twisting of facts happened by bigger names than Godfrey...Clinton (x2) included.
I appreciate your trying to be open-minded (I think) on Godfrey/Ogden City issues. But the respect ends there when you blame an entire party because one jackass in one party holds so much power.

Curmudgeon said...

WSU Alum:

You wrote: with your fancy words

God, I hope not. I hate purple prose....

WSU_alumni said...

Oh Curmmmy...
Don't give up yet!

Curmudgeon said...

WSU Alum:


Actually, some years ago, when Hizzonah pulled off one of his signature ethical outrages, I referred to him just in passing as "our Republican mayor." Rudi, who is a card-carrying Weber County Republican apparatchik, stormed back with a long post insisting the mayor was not a real Republican, that he switched parties only to win election, that his father-in-law was a Democrat [Rudi places lots of weight on officials' in-laws] and so on.

Naturally, after that, I had no choice but to remind Rudi of Hizzonah's party of choice with some frequency. And, of course, during election cycles the opportunities to do that present themselves relatively often. Like today.

By the way, there are many WCF folk who are Republicans. Many as well who are Independents. One of the fun things about WCF is its political eclecticism. Why, some of my best friends are Republicans.

Of course, I wouldn't want my daughter to marry one....

WSU_alumni said...


Haha...your teasing makes sense! Thanks for the lookback-update.

This WCF certainly does offer up opportunity to do much teasing. I'm glad, however, that the teasing is 2nd hand to the reality...much serious business going on and so many different ops and ideas.

Looking forward to more teasing...and reality....


Speaking condolences to your daughter.

RudiZink said...

"Actually, some years ago, when Hizzonah pulled off one of his signature ethical outrages, I referred to him just in passing as "our Republican mayor." Rudi, who is a card-carrying Weber County Republican apparatchik, stormed back with a long post insisting the mayor was not a real Republican..."

Interesting reading re the current schism between factions within GOP ranks:

Pitts: Principled conservatives sat silent while their party was hijacked

Curmudgeon said...


Thanks for the Pitt's pointer. I don't read the SLT paper-and-ink edition on weekends, and so I would not have seen it but for your pointer. Much obliged.

wsu_alumni said...

Is is possible that US citizens from ALL parties took huge advantage of the "get your cheap, fed covered mortgage here!" plan, rather than just repubs??
It may be that the gov should not bail out the big wigs of fred/fan, but when it comes right down to it....everyone and their dog took advantage of any opportunity for a cheap (at the moment) loan, regardless of the definition in the fine print of ARM.
The folks who got the loans are equally, if not moreso to blame for the mortgage crisis, in my opinion.

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