Saturday, September 13, 2008

Election 2008 Update: Two WCF Sidebar Election Module Do-dad Updates

At risk of killing off the reader discussion in our lower article threads, well post this brief article, to crow about the latest additions to our right sidebar 2008 elections module:

1) We announced earlier our 2008 Weber County Candidate Roster. It's now nearly complete. Bookmark it or refer back to it here, gentle readers, when it finally comes time to vote. If you know any candidate who still doesn't have his or her online info on the list, please let us know.

2) And speaking of the time to vote... it's been extended. Check out the Weber County Clerk's site for info about extended voting dates and times.

Both of these above links have been added to our right sidebar for our readers' convenience.

And remember... if you decide NOT to vote... we don't want any of you coming around here whining about the 2008 election results.

And whatever you do... if you live in House Legislative District 10, and love Ogden City... DO NOT VOTE FOR BOSS GODFREY'S FATHER-IN-LAW. Something's definitely wrong in Dumb Ed's warped neoCON skull! You'll recognise this Godfreyite immediately when he rings your doorbell, sticks out his pudgy hand and says: "Hi there! I'm Ed Allen, and I used to be Your Stake President! Can I count on your vote?" Seriously... we've gotten reports... that really is this moron's front-porch schtick.

There's a good moderate GOP contender in the Leg 10 race BTW, Brent Wallis, for those who are looking for reasonable non-Gondolist alternatives. Be sure to check out Brent's website. Send him an email with your questions, or call him on the phone. Brent will be happy to deal with your questions and issues, or so he advises us.


Curmudgeon said...

Yup. Just what Bramble/Curtis/Valentine/Buttars need. A formerly Democractic seat moved into the Republican column in the Utah legislature. Uh huh....

I notice Rudi did not want to discuss candidate stands on any of the major issues a Utah legislator will actually have to deal with in the House. Instead, he suggests examining a candidate's in-laws is the best way to decide how to vote.

And people wonder how the Zion Wing Nut Republican Party got as messed up as it has....

Hey, who are Rob Bishop's in-laws? I wasn't going to vote for him, but now I guess I need to know who his in-laws are so I can make a [for Utah] intelligent decision....

what will it cost us said...

Sorry even a Democrate may have to vote for Brent Wallis since Ed Allen doesn't list any issues, check back later on his website. I think he is waiting to see which issues will get him the most votes.

I have also talked to folks that have worked with him and we do not need another arrogant legislature like him. Remember how he called the folds at Weber State stupid since they wouldn't go along with the Gondola.

He puts his family first and how blessed he is so I assume he will put forth his son-in-laws ideas before he considers the voters. Sorry but family does matter in Utah, remember families are forever. Well my family is first and to hell with your family, seems to be the norm for us gentiles.

danny said...

What it will cost: Dittos.

Curm, re your comments: Surprise, surprise.

Wallis may leave me cold, but giving Godfrey a larger voice in the legislature via consummate Godfrey suck up "Addled" Ed Allen, would be suicide.

For me, the choice is whether to vote for Wallis or for no one, but never for consummate Godfrey suck up "Addled" Ed Allen.

As for bad choices, instead of following the inane polls, I have found the betting parlors to be more reliable as well as quicker to check. See or for example.

OgdenLover said...

Curm, I'm afraid your "vote Democratic to keep the meager numbers up" response is ill-advised.

I too would never vote for Ed Allen, who thinks his wife-slapping son-in-law has "precious character". If it's OK to treat his daughter that way, what does he think of having us taxpayers shafted?

blood is thicker than water said...

Listening to Weber State football intermission and Godfrey was making an award presentation to a married couple of 57 years for their continued educational support of their children and grandchildren. Who did Godfrey bring out with him to make the award to the couple. You guessed it, Ed Allen. Curm you want to tell me what Mr. Ed had to do with the award other than free press?

fly on the wall said...

Speaking of politics, it sounds like a page out of Godfreys style of governing.

Palin hired friends and hit critics
Interviews indicate a governing style that uses loyalty and secrecy.

Find the story here:

Ogden Dem said...

To "Fly on the wall" - could you please clarify the URL you posted.

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