Friday, January 02, 2009

Big Game Tonight: The Utah Utes Play For Many of the BCS Marbles

Time for a non RICO violating team to show its stuff
Update: Utes kick Big Bad Alabama's Ass 31-17

Big Game in the New Orleans this evening, thanks to the so far undefeated Utah Utes.

The Alabama Crimson Tide square off with the Utah Utes tonight at 6:00 p.m. Watch it of the Fox Teevee Channel.

Here are the current odds from one punting site:
Bet Utah: Point Spread +9 (-110) --- Money Line +310
Bet Alabama: Point Spread -9 (-110) --- Money Line -380
Over/Under 46: -110,
We solemnly swear we have no idea at all what the local (Ogden) books are booking on this game.

We also think lots of punters in the East will be Wa-a-a-a-y surprised at the eventual outcome of the Sugar Bowl Game. if nothing else, the Utes will beat the spread; and our prediction is that they'll do a hell of lot better than that.

We're looking for a large TV audience for this year's Sugar Bowl Game too, perhaps propelled by the silly betting odds.

Something interesting today from the Grey Lady about this game:

This is why this game will draw a large TV audience. Once again, from today's NYT article:
For all of those college football fans who say that teams from the non-B.C.S. conferences should get more respect should be glued to their sets for this (Sugar Bowl) matchup.[...]
The Utes have been in a spot like this before. After the 2003 season, they took it to Pittsburgh in the Fiesta Bowl. Of course, Urban Meyer was Utah’s coach then and he’s since decamped for Florida, where he’s playing for his second national title after beating Alabama in the SEC title game. But Kyle Whittingham is doing just fine in Meyer’s stead, thank you. In addition to being the only undefeated team in the F.B.S., the Utes have also won 13 games in a row and 20 of their past 21. If they want to continue that winning streak they’ll probably need a big game out of quarterback Brian Johnson, who threw for 2,636 yards and 24 touchdowns this season. You can also bet that the rest of the teams from the Mountain West Conference will be rooting for Utah. A victory by the Utes would guarantee some respect for the oft-underestimated league, not to mention other non-B.C.S. conferences.
Best of Luck to our beloved Utah Utes. We hope they haven't been partying too much this week on New Orleans's Bourbon Street, however.

Glue yourselves to the Tube this evening, Ute Fans. Please send Brian Johnson and the rest of the Utah Utes team your psychic vibes.

We'll keep this post open, for those folks who'd like to comment on the game. It'll be the same as we've done for other important college games earlier.

Don't 't let the cat get yer tongues, Ute Fans!

Update 1/2/09 9:55 p.m MT: Utes kick Big Bad Alabama's Ass

The SLTRib has the story:
Sugar Bowl: Utes stun 'Bama with dominating win
Thus the Utes finish the season 13-0 as the only unbeaten Division 1 team in the nation.

So's who's the National Champion? Ask the corrupt cracker fatasses who run the corrupt BCS bowl monopoly. We're sure they'll figure something out.

Update 1/3/09 11:00 a.m. MT: Great post-game writeup from the Kansas City Star:
UFR in the Big Easy: Utah should be No. 1


Utah Ute said...

Excuse me. But is it true the Alabama "Crimson Tide" have as their college mascot one most obnoxious toxic killers in the word ecosystem?

Go Utes!

Curmudgeon said...

Rudi: you wrote: We solemnly swear we have no idea at all what the local (Ogden) books are booking on this game.

There are bookies in Utah? In Ogden even? Wagers are placed? On sporting events? Without driving to sinful West Wendover or flying to Sin City where what happens there stays there? Surely you cannot be serious! Or are there secret places in Ogden with little signs saying "A Private Betting Emporium For Members" scattered about?

BTW, I would not bet the farm or the baby's new shoes on the Utes beating the spread tonight, no matter how much I would like them to to do the odious BCS system one in the eye. It will be virtually a home game for the Tide. Take Bama and give the points.

ozboy said...

Go Bama! Kick them Mo boy's butts all the way back to Eutah and show them they ain't got no business trying to play with the big boys.

Yawning at Alabama said...

Utah up by 14 after 6 minutes.

Alabama Sucks said...

Utah 21-0 with 4 minutes left in the first quarter.

Alabama Sucks said...

Crimson Tide kicks fieled goal, 21-3. What a great team!

Tide Still Sucks said...

Alabama returns punt for a TD. Bummer.

Curmudgeon said...

I expected the Utes to score some. What I did not expect what the hellacious defense.

Impressive game.

Should be number 1.

Wm M said...

31 points against the team that was ranked #1 most of the year ...

7 frickin' sacks against what was called the best offensive line in the country ...

Biggest win in school history ...

Props to the Utes ...

Curmudgeon said...

A 'Bama newspaper is running an on line poll this morning asking where Utah should be ranked following its Sugar Bowl win. The link is here. Might be fun to wander on over there an arrange some Mt. West input into the poll. No sign-on required to vote.

danny said...

Hooray for to the Utes for a remarkable achievement.

WARNING: The rest of this post is off thread. I used to follow sports eagerly while I was in school. But now truthfully I can't seem to care, even about this amazing game.

Since it's been awhile since I posted boring economic news, and risking Rudi spiking this post (feel free) here are some astonishing items.

Note the magnitude of these numbers. Government money printing and spending is supposed to fend this off. Am I the only one who does not believe that can work?

December 23 – Wall Street Journal (Takashi Nakamichi and Takashi Mochizuki): “Japanese exports dropped at their fastest rate on record in November and the government cut its view on the economy in a monthly report, cementing expectations of a deeper recession here. …exports fell 27% year-to-year in November to 5.327 trillion yen ($59.77 billion), underlining that the escalating global downturn and rising yen are taking a toll on Japan's export-dependent economy.”

December 30 – Bloomberg (Keiko Ujikane and Tatsuo Ito): “Japan’s economy will probably shrink at an annual 12.1% pace this quarter, the sharpest drop since 1974, as exports collapse, Barclays Capital said. Gross domestic product in the three months ending tomorrow will fall at almost three times the 4.1% rate previously predicted, said Kyohei Morita, chief Japan economist at Barclays… ‘Given the speed and the length of the contraction, this recession could be the most severe in the postwar era,’ Morita said.”

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- U.S. manufacturing activity dropped to a 28-year low in December, the Institute for Supply Management reported Friday, as manufacturing contracted for the fifth straight month. The institute said that new orders now have contracted for 13 consecutive months, and are at the lowest level on record going back to January 1948.

Curmudgeon said...

Comment bumped to top shelf

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