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2008 Ogden City Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

The only clean and professionally audited financial information we'll get from Boss Godfrey for the 2008 fiscal year

For the enlightenment of our gentle readers, we're pleased to be able to link this year's Ogden City Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (2008 CAFR,) referenced in the below article, and transmitted to us by another alert reader:
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report - Year ended June 30, 2008
Slice it, dice it and dissect it gentle readers. Consider this our annual opportunity to truly decipher what's really going on financially with the Boss Godfrey administration.

We've also added a link for future reference in our right sidebar, within our "Government Toolkit" module, along with the earlier 2006 and 2007 reports.

Have at it O Gentle ones.


monotreme said...

It is unclear whether the crime statistics printed on p. 131 (p. 143 of the pdf) are for the fiscal or the calendar year. The table says fiscal year, so let's go with that.

Crime is up 7% comparing FY07 (Jul 06-Jun 07) to FY06 (Jul 05-Jun 06).

The crime rate is up 10% in FY07 compared to FY06.

The crime rate is now the same as it was in the first two years of the Godfrey administration.

For the last seven fiscal years for which Mr. Godfrey has been mayor during the entire period, the crime rates (per 1000) are 66.8, 66.1, 64.8, 68.3, 72.4, 60.5, and 66.5. You can sure see the crime reduction trend in those numbers -- can't you?

Using the calendar year numbers supplied by the S-E on Jul 25 2008, the annual crime rates during the Godfrey administration have been 71.7, no data, 67.0, 66.4, 70.1, 67.9, and 76.9. Yes, there's a clear trend in crime reduction there -- isn't there?

Amazingly, the only year with a low crime rate (according to either these figures or the calendar year figures) was the year used to make the claims of crime reduction during the last mayoral election.

I'm sure the S-E is preparing a report on this to be published soon.

S-E, July 25, 2008: "[W]hat we've seen is crime is already starting to go down. In the last six months [Jan-Jul 2008], we've seen a dramatic reduction of crime." -- Mayor Matthew Godfrey, quoted by Sam Cooper.

We are all awaiting the 2008 statistics. It should be interesting.

Scrooge McDuck said...

"Fines and Forfeitures" doubled (table, p. 7 of report, p. 9 of pdf) in the face of flat revenues between FY06 and FY07. Way to go, city!

Ogden Resident said...

Lots of good info that will take a while to totally digest. One observation though is that the city admits that it spent more than it brought in again. Published numbers show a deficit of 1.25 mil but need to read the whole thing to find the buried. Last year there was a lot that was buried.

disgusted said...

everyone knows crime in ogden is up. just reading the crime reports in the newspaper paper or for that matter listening to the police sirens will validate the increase in crime.
godfrey speaks with two sets of lips.
residents appreciate your efforts to quantify the increases.

ozboy said...

Interesting article on the KSL web site about SLC making major moves toward complete transparence in government. Apparently there is an effort in State Government as well.

Given the hubris and arrogance of the legislative leaders I will be very surprised if this takes hold at a state level.

It is too bad that the Lil' Lord doesn't have a change in character and jump on this band wagon. But with his penchant for secrecy, dishonesty and insider dealing with his buddies I also doubt we will ever see that in the land of Oz while he is in office.

See the article here:


wants integrity in the mayor's office said...

Disgusted you said everyone knows crime in Ogden is up. Just reading the crime reports in the newspaper paper or for that matter listening to the police sirens will validate the increase in crime.

Godfrey speaks with two sets of lips.

Your comments make me think of a movie preview which I've seen recently where the President's spokesman is trying to justify the President's question from the press and his comment is "Anything the Pesident (the Mayor) does is legal because the President's action is ALWAYS legal." Must be how the Weber Co. DA and the Attorney General's office looks at Godfrey. (Sorry I don't remember the movie -- I just knew that I wasn't interested in seeing a movie about government corruption -- we see enough of that in the Ogden MAYOR'S ADMINISTRATION of the City.

Councilwoman Jeske was at the Council meeting and as usual put the MAYOR in his place during the comment period. She broke the 3-3 tie for the Coundcl Chair and Vice Chair between Stephenson's bid and Chair Wicks and Councilman Blain Johnson, which is a joke because he is absent more than present to meetings.

Councilwoman Jeske justified the results because Chair Wicks wants transparency in city government and Vice Chair Gochnour would ensure open communication from the Council office.



Monotreme said...

Wants Integrity:

It was Nixon/Frost, and the quote is directly from ex-President Nixon himself.

YouTube clip of the quote.

disgusted said...

welcome back dorrene. youve been missed.

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