Saturday, January 31, 2009

Major Award for Ogden's Salomon Center

The "Jackass Center": Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce "Business of the Year"

By Disgusted

You'll just love this one.

In today's Standard-Examiner business section... the Ogden-Weber Chamber is giving the Salomon Center an award... The Business of the Year!


althepal said...

I guess that Gadi Leshem must have fallen out of contention at the last minute.

what will it cost us said...

When we don't have any data except exagerated reports of thousnads using the Jubction, how can they be the best business in Ogden. Some of the restaurants do a great business, as do some of the private clubs. What about all the sports management that moved here for national companies, or do they contribute so little to the ecomony they weren't worth mentioning? How about the businesses on 25th that have put years into their business, and are local residents for years.

Until the junction provide financials and income we as taxpayers are still subsidizing the Junction. Kiddyland and the Treehouse museum seems to be too much, we need some place for adults to go without unservised kids running amoke. Adults spend more on dinner and drinks than kids in an arcade.

Not a Fatass said...

The gym is great, waiting list of 160 to get a locker, maybe its clearly a hit you fatasses ought to get away from your keyboard or grab PDA and go clear your nonsensical heads with a good workout.

harharhar said...

Thanks, NAF. Where can I get a jug of that Kool-Aid?

Anonymous said...
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danny said...

The Salomon Center is not a business. That the Chamber of Commerce can't even tell the difference between a business and a government entity only proves the level of intelligence at the Chamber for those who didn't already know.

RudiZink said...

Try again, little Bobby.

We have rules here at Weber County case you didn't notice.

Among other things, the "anonymous handle" doesn't cut it.

Try again please.

RudiZink said...

Here's a reminder, Danny. The moron "Grinnin" Dave Hardman is the front-man for the Chamber of Commerce list of idiots.

What can be expected of any "organization" that has a "Huckleberry Finn" character "manning the helm"

Oh well.

At least Gadi didn't win the top prize.

There's some consolation in this, we suppose.

curious 1 said...

How many lockers did the old Golds gym have available, I'm sure on the cheap they cut down on lockers. When we get good numbers instaed of hearsay we will start to believe it is making money.

The place is falling apart, pealing paint, tiles coming up, sauna out of commission because of faulty electrical.

ozboy said...

If I may, I would like to go off topic here for a minute and point out an article in today's Tribune. It is about President Monson and his first year at the head of the LDS Church. A very good article about a very fine man.

However, there is a real anomaly near the beginning of the article which points out the incredible hypocrisy lived and practiced by some in leadership positions within the church.

It quotes Stuart Reid as follows:

""His (President Monson's) unique gifts are an enduring love and care for the sick, the disadvantaged, the lonely and the elderly," said Stuart Reid, an Ogden developer and LDS bishop. "He has made it clear to the bishops of the church that people come before programs. If there must be a choice between helping those in need and maintaining a program, the people in need are always to be helped, even if it means disrupting programs."

This insidious hypocrisy is from one of the most heartless architects of the notoriously heartless Godfreyite movement who have trampled on the poor and disenfranchised at every turn in their idiotic quest to turn Ogden into Lagoon light for the financial benefit of themselves and their cronies!

This from the same "Bishop" who used his church position to try to con people out of their homes in the ill advised attempt by the Lil Lord and his minions to take these poor folk's homes for pennies on the dollar to turn around and sell to WallMart for a big profit!

This from "Developer" Reid who has never developed anything besides an immoral plan to further disenfranchise the poor of Ogden!

It is truly sad that people of such low character as "Bishop" Reid can achieve exalted positions within the church and then use those positions in such a way as to completely defile the words and good intentions of the Church's Prophet.

Back on topic:

To NAF - if the Junktion is such a great success then why do the tax payers of Ogden have to make the bond payments and why is the place so deserted on most days and nights except Friday and Saturday?

RudiZink said...

Who wants to work out at the stinky (rotten fungi laden) downtown Ogden gym anyway?

Ogden Athletic Cub still remains the the best-equipped workout "gym" in or around Ogden.

This is defintely a "no brainer" for people who are serious about "real workouts."

Ogden Athletic Club still "rules," notwithstanding Boss Godfrey's efforts to upset the apple cart with his dipshit and twisted Republican Party Socialism.

riley said...

sauna is not closed was in it this morning dumbass, they closed the steamroom a year ago and reopened it after a month long Redo. The gym is absolutely packed except between 7:30-8:30 AM before and all day after it packed like sardines wish they would have built bigger. Sonora is great, cinema is good, the GYM is good too.

NFA said...

I don't have ears anywhere as big as his, but I will tell ya I have seen a lot of people who live in S Ogden drive downtown to the new gym that I use to see at the OAC. The OAC is as nasty and outdated rundown shithole.

Stein said...

Rudi, what do you like better about the OAC, the public hair and snot plastered to the shower drains or the guy that walks around the dressing room with a semi-wood. Your an idiot.

Reading Between the Lines said...

Hmmm Riley. Was it the Godfeyite Cavendish who accidentally "touched your thigh" in the steamroom?

Just wondering.

RudiZink said...

Hate to break it to ya's Stein... but OAC is the best place in Northern Utah for a good workout.

They have the best Gym, the best hi-tech machines, the best weight-room, and the best lookin gals in Utah parading around in the gym, to motivate old fashioned weight lifters like me.

Sorry, sonny. I won't be signing up with that fatass moron Gary Nielson very soon.

I'm a long-time gym-rat. And I won't take any of Godfrey's "wooden nickles" very soon either.

Bill C. said...

Cavendish seen at a gym? Was he wearing pink leotards and a handfull of suckers for the little boys?

Monotreme said...

Well, if we're going to stretch the definition of "business", then I would nominate the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome as Business of the Year 2009.

Monotreme said...

How can you not love someone who posts cogent argument like:

"Your an idiot."

Wow. I bow to your superior debating skills. We are not worthy.

disgusted said...

i personally have no issues with the gym in the rec center other than it was fine at its old location. we now have another empty for sale building in ogden. i do worry that if the moisture issues at the flow rider were not properly addressed in the construction of the facility that the moisture issue might not have been addressed properly with regards to the swimming pool just above the flow rider in the gym.

now is not a good time to truely determine the regular use of the gym facility in that the new years resolutions haven't worn off yet. wait until about april or may when the weather turns nice and well get a real feel for how its ongoing business is doing. from my experience there though it is like most gyms in that it is busy in the morning before work during the luch hour and then again right after work.

my personal opinion though is that the gym is probably the only potentially viable aspect of the rec cneter. the rest are trend or fad operations that with time will become big money loosers. the bowling alley could have possible surviveabilty but the floor plan of the building requires its operation to incorporate other business activities with it and that reduces the chances of surviveability to the bowling alley.

Keisha said...

This is award-winning Salomon Center you're talking about, right, eh Riley and Stein?

Ha... Ha... Ha.

What a pair of dorks.

Stein said...

keisha, you sound like you have a fatass,get to the gym.
Go Weber! Idaho State in town 7:05 at Dee Events Center. Rematch of Thursday night. Obama likes semi- wood.

Curmudgeon said...

Well, this has been an edifying discussion. Let's see if we can ferret some fact out of the name calling and praise for this gym or that. Seems to me we can say this with some certainty:

1. No one outside of the various businesses that lease parts of The Junction can say with any certainty how they are doing financially. And all seem to agree that "the public" does not have access to the books of the businesses involved. Therefor: neither gloomy predictions they they're going under fast nor claims that they're prospering mightily can be established as fact at this point.

2. In re: steam rooms and saunas at the gym. Not being a member, I can't say much with certainty. However, if as has been reported above [by Riley] the steam room at the gym was shut down for a complete overhaul "a year ago" and has only recently reopened, it does raise a question, seems to me, about why a facility that opened for business only a year and a half ago should need a key feature completely overhauled so soon. [Same question being raised about the FloRider.]

3. The Salomon Center as Business of the Year. Well, guys, I don't know what criteria the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce And Dead Gondola Worship Society uses to decide what business will get this award. Perhaps someone can ask Dave "Cables" Hardman. [Ask him what color the sky is in his world while you're at it.] But I wouldn't get too bent out of shape about the award. Boosterism [sometimes wise and effective, sometimes Babbitry and embarrassing] is what Chambers of Commerce do. The Salomon Center award is not a big deal, really. And the SE had the good sense to put notice of it w-a-y down in the list of awards.

4. And now for my own unsoliticed POV: Discussions [politely so called] of public matters in Ogden that degenerate into what we'd more likely expect to find in a middle school recess playgound fight do nothing to advance the cause of reason, sanity and good judgment in the management of the Ogden's business or public affairs. Nothing.

Further deponent sayeth not.

RudiZink said...

BTW, "Stein." Now that you're about to retire from you "undercover operation," when exactly will you "spill the beans?"


dan s. said...

This morning I went for a splendid ski tour with the Sierra Club on the Wheeler Creek trail system at Snow Basin. Terrific snow, beautiful hoar frost on the trees, sunny skies, and great exercise.

Now I return home and read arguments over which gym is better.

Frankly, I don't care. No form of indoor exercise can compare to the opportunities we have outdoors.

RudiZink said...

Touche', Dan.

Point very well made!

Something we all need to remember: Ogden is first and foremost an outdoor recreation venue.

Let's all write it down so we don't forget it.


Machster said...

Well, seems time for an ending which seems to fall nearly always to me.

My experience with "the business of the year" is:

Met Ozboy there for a beer a year ago. We went into the "bar" at about noon. We were all alone except for the two bartenders. It felt like we were in a fishbowl surrounded by an unused penny arcade. As we finally were served, after almost thirty minutes it seemed due to the "bartenders debating the Utah laws, we were asked to leave. There was some weird Utah law thing happening coincident with the changing of the hour hand.

Now sitting alone amidst the elevated tables, we continued to discuss political matters, by now wearing a strange arm band or wrist band (I can't remember) and our beer was disguised from a beer glass into a paper cup, another Utah or Ogden law strangeness. Oz asked how I liked our visit to a facility that I helped pay $22,000,000 for?

Now feeling obliged to get a little of my tax money's worth, I bought a "family pass" for a day with the grandkids.

Here is how that 2 or 3 hours went and felt. The special package was for a pizza and soda, bowling with shoes for an hour, bumper cars, and day glow golf ($85). All went well except the three teens behind the counter could not figure out which lane and how to use the computers to control the lanes. We were again alone except for one other small group/family of 3. The wonders behind the counter put us side by side leaving 23 lanes unused. The other family threw balls down the lane and I slipped on the greased lane and slid down the alley about 20 feet before sitting out the rest of the hour.
Getto Hip Hop dressed youth began to appear as the time passed such that we had to excort the kids everywhere they went including and especially the bathrooms (which were still new-clean-and nice).

But the clientele were loud, overt, exaggerated with interactions and obnoxious. But guess that is par for the course in today's unmonitored and uncontrolled public places. Makes one wonder if anyone ever taught most kids how to behave in public.

The bumper cars took almost thirty minutes before the two teens behind the counter could figure out they needed to wait on us. And "Day-glow golf" was marginally interesting. The pizza was a whole 13 inches in diameter, but the Pepsi was perfect in a pitcher. All in all I would never do it again and we have not returned.

We had dinner at the Sonora Grill with our friends. It was very loud (some people think that is cool) and the service was slow (still others think that is shiek). The prices were California yuppie. We have not and will not return, since you can not hear over the noise.

The "Mega Plex", or whatever it is called, is first rate and we consider it an alternative depending on the venue being shown and times.

But we can not help feeling like we need to constantly be scanning the parking areas for Mexican gangs and street thugs or crazed drug addicts. So we consider a trip to the Soloman Center a risk and are not comfortable in or around that part of Ogden.

As for the Gold's Gym, I have nothing to add. But for those who have disparaging remarks about the Ogden Athletic Club (OAC) I say this: we rejoined mid December and go almost every day. I workout at least 3 times a week for three hours, and use almost all of the facility. I find it old but clean, with professional staff and trainers, and the membership ranges from the very young (kids) who are very carefully separated from adults, through the "hard bodies", to the geriatric set. All are hospitable and well mannered and considerate. The word from the locker rooms is that Gold's Gym caters to only the middle age set and discourages diversity. That could be wrong but it has been said by several of the older set who have rejoined the OAC.

RudiZink said...

Thanks for the Salomon Center review, Machman. While you're visiting, you might want to read and compare gentle reader Dannie's most excellent 2007 review, which remains even unto this day, one of the most googled and widely-read articles in WCF's nearly four year history.

drewmeister said...

Stein, where can one find this "public hair"? That's a fascinating concept. I've never heard of public hair before. Does that mean it's a government-sponsored entity like the Salmon Center, as opposed to places which don't come from the grandiose scheming of a giant forehead, such as, well, any other business who actually earns their keep instead of being busy on their knees for little Matty?

Or is that a cute play on the words "pubic" and "private" since the "pubic" area can also be referred to as one's "private area" or "privates".

Either way, I'll borrow a quote from your demonstration of razor-sharp wit by saying, "Your an idiot."
However, I'll correct your grammar when I return the gesture by saying you're a fucking idiot.

Stick that in your quadruple-combination and smoke it.

Bill C. said...

Hey Dan, we went to the waterfall today, speaking of outdoor recreation. Not very high adventure, but very pleasant and enjoyable. No chance of a cavendish sighting up there, or on any trail for that matter.
I suppose now after informing the readers of this blog that I will be accused of trespassing like you were Dan in the next shortdeck informative remnant lift ogden e-mail update.
Lets see, the trailhead has a map showing all the designated trails, no property lines, signage on alot of the trails themselves offering direction and no postings against trespassing. Infact I can't recall any posting in 50 years. Oh well, they don't call him shortdeck for nothing.
Can't wait to buy a pygmy pony that will fit in my trunk so I can go on an urban trail ride. That's high adventure.
Speaking of tying one on. I don't know if the ex zcmi tie salesman realizes how funny his awards are going to be. The bulk of the article is honoring a couple that supplies sewer systems, this in a town with the oldest most decrepit system in the western US. So I guess their success is truely amasing given their hometown has never bought one thing from them.
Curm, you'll note the ever so delicate consideration of the chamber to have fairly balanced their awards this way. Ogden has never contributed to the success of one, and the other has never spent a penny of his own, it all came from Ogden, City gov. that is.

laughing larry said...

The Salomon Center... The Business of the Year!


ozboy said...

Mr. Machman

You have put my Temple Recommend in serious jeopardy with your expose' of our little walk on the tame side. Or was it the lame side? Sure hope my Bishop isn't checking the blog out this week, if he is I will have to go buy new underwear.

Curmudgeon said...

Comment moved to main page.

knows about Rick said...

Perhaps folks would like to know a little more about sewer supplier Rick Fairbanks. His credentials for the chamber award include being a FOM and donating a grand to Matt's campaign. He's on the Weber Pathways board and was the only one who voted against their resolution to preserve open space. That was back in the good ole Lift Ogden days.

Bill C. said...

I just can't help it, the Jackass Center an award winning business.
The chamber now veiws a crony can't lose lease aggreement parlayed into subleting as an award winng business. What does that say about Ogdens overpaid business development staff?

Anonymous said...

We don't know about business of the year.
Such plaudits are usually chamber of commerce wall paper, and little else.

However, The Flowrider is one more amenity which allows us to remain in Northern Utah.
We would not be in this provincial outpost were it were not for that desert break.

We love this town.

Bill C. said...

R.J. did you mean desert, or dessert? Nothing at the jackass center qualifies as a full helping of artificial high adventure outdo,whoops indoor recreation.

Anonymous said...

What did you build, using your own financing?

What city-related amenity did you propose, or commision a feasibility study of?

What were your plans for the hole in the ground left by the usually astute Seth Butterfield's indoor shopping moneypit?

Did you offer to purchase said hole in the middle of downtown? Did you hit the bricks hard and early-on to make sure that your vision for Ogden materialized?
If not, why?
If so, point us in the direction of your venture.
We would love to give you an honest appraisal of your project;
An appraisal based on long-term viability, not a smear of the personalities involved.

Oh. We love this town.

Bill C. said...

Long term viability, feasability? All studies by qualified persons concluded that the jackass center was neither. No developer would touch it. Thus the City assumed full financial responsibility and was basically the developer. Next time you spend so much time with your head inbedded in the mayors anal orifice, take a flaslight. I hear it's dark in there.

Anonymous said...

No comment.

Bill C. said...

What? No comment. Your pompous, arrogant, all knowing fountain of non-wit shuts down when confronted by fact? How you gonna run anything if you're content to hide in the dark warm confines of lying little matty's ass? How does that fit in your semiotic theory? Or do you subscribe now to anal-logic theory?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Sorry we said anything at all.

Bill C. said...

Now back to the topic of this thread. The jackass center, another shining example of the free market system and how it works in this quaint little town.

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