Friday, January 30, 2009

Utah Republicans Bring on the Orwellian "Big Brother" State

Go to a bar; find your personal data entered into a searchable database

Here's an interesting story from today's Salt Lake Tribune. While our most popular Utah Governor in modern times tries to bring The State of Utah into the 21st century, re our archaic and tourist unfriendly liquor laws.... our crafty but culturally dull GOP "Mormon" legislative majority still throws up Orwellian obstacles.

Even though the elderly but holy white guys in the Tall White Building on Temple Square have given the "thumbs up" to Governer Huntsman's initiative to "cut the cord" on the ridiculous "private club" structure in Utah, which renders virtually EVERY tourist speechless and wondering which 19th century podunk he or she inadvertantly wandered into, when they scheduled their Utah ski vacation... the UTAH GOP legislative nitwits are dragging their feet, and throwing a wrench into a logical change in the law, which ought to be ever-so-simple.

Here's the full skinny from the Salt lake Tribune:
Bar owners leery of ID-card scans meant to cut DUIs
Yeah! Technology is great. And it would also be great to allow former Utah private clubs to use "electronic scanning" to check out proffered ID's, and "bounce"those who would use high quality "fake ones," which can easily be obtained via the internet.

The only fly in the ointment of course is Senator John Valentine's plan to not only verify age, but to put the info from anyone who waltzes into a downtown bar for a beer to have their personal information entered into a "friggin" state database.

George Orwell is coming to get you, Utah lumpencitizens; courtesy of John Valentine and the Corporo-Fascist Utah GOP Party, which merely gives lip service to "limited government," while it otherwise acts to heavy-handidly "bring on" the "Big Brother" Orwellian state.

Surely at least a few of our gentle readers will feel compelled to comment on this topic.


Curious 1 said...

If you are 21 to 101 you need to stop, take your license out and have it scanned. I can show a club card and bring my friends in and maybe have to show my ID or of someone looks underage they are checked. If they only checked people who obviously looked under 30 that would be good, but no data base to see what club you go to, or how much you drink. If this passes the state will have a large legal bill when the ACLU sues for invasion of privacy.

Currently Target scans your license and I will not purchase beer there again.

The legislature thinks by invoking children or families they can pass any legislation. Keep the private clubs where children are banned and adults who want a glass of wine with dinner can enjoy a nice evening out.

ozboy said...

Better watch out or the Marmons will get ya!

Rafiki said...

Sounds like "small" government to me! What a FU#^*@$ joke!!!

OgdenLover said...

If this were to pass I think every drinker should hit the bars. Let the system be overwhelmed and choked with data.

Curmudgeon said...

Or... so long as we're thinking out side the box on this, and willing to consider wild and crazy solutions... we could just end the Private Club for Members nonsense, and have bar owners check the IDs of those not obviously old enough. You know, like... well, like the rest of the nation? Maybe on this we could, you know, actually join the US?

I know, I know, I said I was just thinking outside the box a bit, just for fun....

Anonymous said...

Like Tom Barberry used to say "If only the legislature would make being an adult legal in this Nanny State." Or words to that effect.

Monotreme said...

I don't know why the bar owners would balk at doing exactly what the Quorum of the Twelve want them to. After all, the Church said it wants to see liquor laws changed, for people who are not members of the Church.

Just because faithful LDS Church members do not patronize bars, doesn't mean that the church leadership doesn't want to set the rules of engagement. After all, they should have every right.

For example, as a person who does not have children, I am perfectly within my rights telling other people how to raise theirs, aren't I?

As a male, I'm perfectly within my rights telling my wife how she should think, aren't I?

Imposing my personal values on others is the essence of Western libertarianism, don't you think?

drewmeister said...

My wife made a very good point on this topic: Just think how handy this would be to revoke the bar's license if some dumbbush got way too drunk and killed someone. Or, for lawyers to sue the hell out of. After all, the barkeeps should have known this person was too damned stupid to handle themselves like a proper adult..

And I also love the foolproof reasoning of scanning the id card so you can catch the underage kids. Because the data on the license they borrowed/stole from their brother/sister/etc. will magically change unless the true owner is in possession of it.

Why can't the legislature debate shit that actually matters?

Curmudgeon said...


You ask: Why can't the legislature debate shit that actually matters?

Because the majority in both houses consists of proud members of the Eagle Forum Wingnuts and Froot Loops Brigade.

Next question?

Trec Bronson said...

I guess decriminalization or legalization of cannabis for responsible adults is light-years away in Utah if they are still wrestling with this alcohol stuff. I don't normally drink it, but if the Utah lawmakers are so scared of it, I think I'll give it a try. Must be damn good and a perfect cordial to my skunky blunt.

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