Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Guess Who's Aready Back Working on Capitol Hill?

Former Utah House Rep. Walker hones his obvious raw natural talent

Check out this eye-opening story from the Deseret News this morning, regarding former House Representative Mark Walker, who plead guilty last week to criminal charges which amount to the misdemeanor equivalent of bribery. Well, this morning's story reports that Mr. Walker's already working back up on The Hill, and you'll never guess what he's doing. We incorporate Lisa Riley Roche and Bob Bernick Jr.'s explanatory lead paragraphs below:
One day a misdemeanant, the next day a lobbyist.
Former Utah House member and GOP state treasurer candidate Mark Walker, who recently made a plea in abeyance to a misdemeanor charge associated with his offering a fellow Republican a big pay raise to drop out of the state treasurer's race, has become a paid lobbyist.
Walker, who did not return telephone calls for comment, is newly registered as a lobbyist for another lobbying firm; SelectHealth, a health insurance company; Southwest Ambulance; and the Utah Subcontractors Council.
By becoming a lobbyist now Walker not only provides some income to his family, he also dodges a possible upcoming ban on former legislators becoming a lobbyist for a period of time.
Too Perfect. Definitely the ideal gig for Walker.

The kid previously demonstrated a raw natural talent for throwing the money around, and from here on out, it will all be perfectly legal.


Curmudgeon said...

Ah, nice catch, Rudi. I missed that story. There's a related story in the SL Trib this morning, which reports that deposed former speaker of the Utah House, Mr. Curtis, is also back on the hill again, as a... wait for it... lobbyist. Whoda thunk it? Story here.

althepal said...

Sadly, with a demonstrated and well publicized natural talent like Walker's, it comes as no surprise that private industry snapped him right up.

ozboy said...

In both cases we have lying thieves representing lying thieves before a pack of lying thieves. In other words, business as usual in the promised land.

1 who nose said...

Walker kept his mouth shut and took a bullet for "Mr. Big." He's likely have many more new clients, lining up in droves.

oh ya! said...

Boy, Did I hear some one say if you screw up, you move up. How do these guys sleep at night.
I guess pretty easy as long as it is on a mattress that is fill with money. Maybe Godfrey could also give them Job working for us people here in Ogden. They are all jail birds of sorts. Birds that fly together lie together.

curious 1 said...

Kind of like Bobby Geiger and his sign stealing, he still doesn't think he did anything wrong. And not paying the fine himself lets him still say he isn't guilty or have a record.

Maybe it has to do with finances and how easily swayed they are, if I was a CFO, I would be watching my money if I ran the company. How do they still stay employed with a black mark on their record, maybe a red mark. (Pun intended)

drewmeister said...

Jesus fucking christ.. how do I get to be a lobbyist? sounds like a terrific job!

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