Monday, January 26, 2009

OWATC Scores Big with a $1.5 Million Department of Labor Grant

We're just hoping OWATC officials aren't missing "the bigger" boat

Okay, we confess we've been basically goofing off all day. Nevertheless, we won't let the day slip completely by without at least mentioning another of today's Standard-Examiner headline articles. According to Std-Ex reporter Brooke Nelson, our locally situated Ogden-Weber Applied Technology Center scored big, with a recent grant from President Obama's U.S. Labor Department:
$1.5M supports IT, welding
Yeah. We think it's great that the OWATC picked up a few dollars for old-tech studies like IT services and welding. That's OK by us, as far as that old-tech stuff goes.

What we're concerned about is that the grant wasn't designed for new tech studies. For instance, everybody knows the real big money in the new local economy will be in local economic development. We at Weber County Forum all know where the BIG MONEY is.

Cleaning up Boss Godfrey's messes during upcoming years could definitely be the key to revival of our local economy, and possibly the foundation for long-term careers. We do hope the officials at OWATC and other educational institutions are paying close and careful attention to this.

Howbout an Associate's Degree in Flowrider repairs? Or maybe just a general Godfrey Administration Cleanup Certificate? The opportunities are boundless. We do so hope OWATC officials are carefully watching out for their students' prospective future careers.

Hey! What about a Gadi Leshem Cleanup Ph.D., from say... WSU! Unravelling this ill-conceived project will no doubt require a whole team of folks with advanced academic knowledge thousands of man-hours over the next decade or so.

Welding? Please. What good is welding, when everything in our Brave New BossGodfreyWorld is made of plastic?

The list of new tech possibilities is virtually endless...

Who will be the first to speak up on this?


sara palin said...

Way to go Obama. Now that something I can believe in.

I guess the terrorists isn't such a bad guy after all.

Curmudgeon said...


You wrote: our locally situated Ogden-Weber Applied Technology Center scored big, with a recent grant from President Obama's U.S. Labor Department.

Much as I'd like to claim this as an example of the excellence of Democratic rule, I don't think I in good conscience can. Having some familiarity with federal grants processes, it's nearly certain that this grant was submitted, and processed through nearly all stages of the competition under the Bush administration's Labor Department. Announcement I suspect just happened to come a week into the Obama term, that's all.

Damn it, Rudi, don't you ever do this again... force me to do a post granting the Bush administration credit for anything. Puts me right off my feed, it does.

Dr. honeydew said...

let us not forget the great editorial about the issue with tax discrepencieses.

ozboy said...

This is waaaayyyy off topic here, but I stumbled on to a web site a couple of hours ago and it is mind boggling.

So if you want your mind boggled click on to the following site and hang on to your jock:

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