Saturday, January 24, 2009

SL Trib: Walker Guilty in Treasurer-race Case

Former Utah Legislator enters plea in abeyance; plea agreement also requires full disclosure re other possible co-perpetrators under oath

By Curmudgeon

Here's something interesting, that just went up on the SL Trib website:
Walker guilty in treasurer-race case
Mr. Walker --- a former Utah state legislator [Republican of course] entered what is known in the better coffee houses and watering holes of Ogden and Salt Lake City as a "Craig Plea" to a Class B misdemeaner for attempting to bribe someone to stay out of the race for state treasurer, which Mr. Walker also entered. A "Craig Plea" [named after the former Senator, Republican of course, from Idaho] is one in which the perp pleads guilty while simultaneously insisting he didn't do it. From the story:
Former state Rep. Mark Walker pleaded guilty Friday to a class B misdemeanor charge stemming from allegations that he offered a hefty raise to Richard Ellis, his rival in the June Republican primary for state treasurer. [...]
Despite the plea, Walker and his attorney dispute allegations that Walker offered Ellis a $55,000 pay increase -- in essence, a bribe -- if Ellis withdrew his candidacy. [...]
Walker's plea in abeyance, entered before Salt Lake City Justice Court Judge John Baxter, means the charge -- "inducement not to become a candidate" -- will disappear from court records in 12 months if Walker complies with the agreement's terms.
In addition to paying a $250 fee and completing 100 hours of community service, Walker agreed to provide, under oath, full disclosure regarding others linked to the events that transpired between the two candidates.
And the beat goes on....


what will it cost us said...

His smug republician smile said it all when he was on TV. I didn't think it was against the law excuse was so lame and predictable.

He will probaly be recruited by Godfrey since failed or accused politicians seems to get on the Ogden payroll. As long as they can lie with a straight face.

Ray said...

Although related but off topic, I think this case clearly illustrates the need for ethics reform for elected officials. The overt conflicts of interest many of our politicians display with lobbyists is obscene. I think an elected official should be banned from introducing bills that are directly related to their "day job" occupation. Realtors, police chiefs, developers, etc. , all say they can be objective but I doubt it. It's to much of a rub my back, I'll rub yours club. The only one left out of the massage is the taxpayer. To use the current buzz word we need transparency for our politicians. The bill that created the Powder Mtn. fiasco is a good example. It took citizens uprising to get a change to this poorly written law. A law originally developed by those who were to benefit. The taking of per diem expenses for lodging even though sleeping in their own beds is a current example of our politicians "entitlement" mentality. Why should they be literally allowed a “free lunch” from persons trying to influence them? If they have to eat free food, limit it to McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell, they might not be so hungry for the free public bowl then. If the current officials fail to pass a real ethics reform this year, I think a citizens initiative is called for on the next ballet as well of getting rid of those who oppose reform this session.

OgdenLover said...

This is by far too lenient a sentence for someone whose intent was to pervert our electoral system. Who does Walker think he is? Another "great" Republican, Richard Nixon?

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